I’m totally EMO right now.

Okay so YES, Chasing Hearts has come to an end. And to be honest i have been putting this off. Because i know it’s the last chapter, and i’ve kinda been holding onto it as long as i can. It’s actually sad to see something done that you have been working n for 3 years.

There will be a small epilogue, since there is maybe one thing left to be desired, i will likely post that tomorrow.


91 is here.

OKAY… SOOOO that took forever. 13 days to be exact. The kids are finally gone back to school after their vacation, and i’ve got a little freedom.

PLUS i had to make more than 25 poses for this chapter, it was a long process since i was making other poses in the middle of it.

Sorry for the delay though, i hope to be more prompt with the next one.