An Update Is Coming!

Its nearly the weekend here. And i fully plan to update.

Ive had a difficult week this week. I’ve been seriously busy!!! YES i came back and i’m not going away for a massive break again, i promise.

New Chapter Is UP!

OK… So i’m a little off my game. And it has been about 5 months. Which is long long overdue. But im pretty dedicated when i start things. To actually finish them.

Refresher on whats happening?



Happy simming 🙂


Okay so…

I know its been an unforgiving amount of time I’ve had off 😦

And those who were reading are probably like … well this is never getting finished. Since last year when my health went a bit down hill. I found it very hard to sit at my PC for long amounts of time. Still it’s not perfect BUT it’s way better!

In this time i went back to school to get a little active finish a diploma so i have really been busy. BUT now i had graduated and I’m looking into finishing chasing hearts.

If you read it OR want to see me finish it please comment. If i get more than 10 people agree (and comment) to continue i will keep writing it for you guys and complete it.

Its Been Too Long…

I hope your all still with me?

My rehabilitation has been a long process. SIGH. I have improved but still not better. But better enough to try and get back to this! The boredom of being at home you would think i’d have heaps of time to do things, but i don’t … i have to change my posture every 30 minutes. Because it’s too painful to sit long, too painful to lay long and too painful to stand long. Chronic pain has become a part of my life now, i just have to keep moving on, otherwise life will go on without me!



Hugs, and Happy Simming!

Ive been writing again…

So through physio and through a lot of ups and downs. I’m still getting there. My posture sucks. I can sit long, can’t stand long. And pose making can sometimes be time consuming in order for me to make the poses. There is no win here yet for me. It’s nearly Christmas and i was hoping that this chronic pain I’m having would be gone by now. I think i’ve had every test there is to have, I still feel only half way healed. But i have not given up on chasing hearts. I hope you guys haven’t either.

Love and Hugs, Jojo xxx

P.S Have a fantastic Christmas guys.


Ok its been 5 weeks since the last update. And i bet you didn’t think it was coming back. But I’ve been laid up for a while now. I’ve had some really debilitating back pain. It’s not been a fun time trust me. I wrote this many weeks ago, but it has taken me this long to make poses, take the pictures and get around to posting. Let us hope that my next one won’t take 5 weeks! I will spend some time writing for the next week hopefully, if my back will allow me to sit long enough! But I’m glad to get this one out. Proud of myself.

Love and hugs xxx


I’m Back!

And i feel i definitely owe you guys an explanation for my absence. Well i guess it started with some bad news, that piled onto more bad news that escalated into some WORSE news. And if that wasn’t enough … I lost a family member quite hastily. Between all that stuff and my sons birthday celebrations that went on over 3 days too. It’s been a very hectic time … trust me. I wouldn’t bail like that if it wasn’t important.

CHAPTER 57 is here … i hope you enjoy it. Because things are about to get crazy

Love and hugs, and happy simming xx