I’m Back!

And i feel i definitely owe you guys an explanation for my absence. Well i guess it started with some bad news, that piled onto more bad news that escalated into some WORSE news. And if that wasn’t enough … I lost a family member quite hastily. Between all that stuff and my sons birthday celebrations that went on over 3 days too. It’s been a very hectic time … trust me. I wouldn’t bail like that if it wasn’t important.

CHAPTER 57 is here … i hope you enjoy it. Because things are about to get crazy

Love and hugs, and happy simming xx


It’s Been A Long Week!

I had a lot of trouble to be honest. I couldn’t work out what was going on with my pictures as i took them. The screen shots were awful, and they still are! Then i realised it was a known problem since the patch. But i decided to go along with it all anyway. I just made them slightly smaller than normal so the jaggies and blurry areas weren’t as noticeable.

Anyway that aside, your double update is here.

CHAPTER 52 AND 53 … Happy reading and have a good weekend!

Slow Week.

Its been a bad week just one thing after another. Between kids going back to school, busy days, illness. then my hubby getting ill. It’s been never ending i swear! But on a positive note, its still weekend enough for everyone else to have an update … EVEN if it is the wee hours of monday morning for me. Happy Reading!

Chapter 51