Chapter 01

The Boss Arrives Always When He Means To


My eyes winced at the dull gloomy light of winter as it came through the window. I let out a weak groan and rolled over on my side feeling the after effects of last night’s wine.


I knew the hour was later than I thought because a moment after I realised I was actually rested, even though I felt like garbage. I flung my body to the other side when I heard someone pottering around my room. I rubbed my eyes and sat up in bed and watched the house keeper picking up things from the floor.
“Good morning Rose…” I groaned unamused and hungover.


She stopped for a moment and politely smiled before picking up some of my clothing before holding up a pair of white panties with a disgusted look before putting them in the laundry basket.
“Oh Rose, I can see by your nun’s eyes that’ve been a sinful, sinful man…”
“Hello Monsieur Sean. Do you know what time it is?” she replied in her French accent. She came close to my bed and gathered a few wine glasses as I threw my bed covers back and held my hand out,
“Darling, please take my hand and lead me onto a path of righteousness…” I said with a quirked eyebrow. She smirked before shaking her head ignoring my cheeky remark.
“Eh. I’m thinking. I missed the board meeting this morning, right?”

It was Monday and the board members of the all the Hyatt hotels in England all came together. Only I was the boss and they were all waiting for me to arrive and some direction. For a moment I imagined them all pissed off sitting around the table, on their second or third cups of coffee and tapping on their phones and staring at their watches.
“They are all downstairs waiting for you…” Rose chimed in. It didn’t make me shift from my spot an inch. It only managed to make me roll my eyes and scoff at the idea of getting out of bed on this freezing morning. Early or cold Rose was always pleasant to watch and I could do it all day. I tipped my head to the side watching her bend over and moistened my lips before I boldly asked,
“When can I ever convince you to come and make the sheets dirty with me Rose?” She froze and gasped before her expression softened.


It was often hard to tell if she was flattered or disgusted when I made a bold comment towards her. I had hopes she would have lower morals so she could end up in bed with her boss.
“Are they not dirty enough monsieur?” I chuckled at her quick response and nodded not being able to really argue with that.
“You’re giving me them nun eyes again Rose, how can I persuade you to leave the convent…?” I teased.
“Monsieur Sean, you’re very mischievous…” she replied shyly.


BUT she never did say no….

“Okay okay I’m up!” I said proudly walking around my room in my underwear before I asked Rose to hand me a shirt from the closet. I had a pair of suit pants folded over the chair and I was slipping them up my legs before I was surprised by Rose blushing and holding a shirt behind me. She turned away for a moment before I asked,
“Hey darling, will you go and pick me out a tie?” I said tapping some cologne on my neck and running a comb through my hair while my shirt was open. I met Rose in my dressing closet holding my tie daintily. I gave her a flirty eyebrow and I slid the tie though her fingers seductively. Her breath quickened and I could actually hear her tremble as I made eye contact with her.


I slung the tie around my neck refusing to take my eyes off of her. I watched her gulp down as she had not stepped out of my space. I always did like to get close to her so an embrace could lead her into my bed … but I gave up because she was like this shy virgin who you couldn’t have til marriage or something. I liked to make her nervous because I knew she was crushing on me so hard. And to be honest … I just wanted to fuck her. She didn’t strike me as the kind of woman who gave it up straight away and the type you just had once. I could wine and dine to get her into my bed, but the bullshit afterwards wasn’t worth it.

How exactly do you shrug the maid off when you see her every single day?

I finally put my watch on and realised that I was over an hour late. I slapped my head and hurried away from her not even saying goodbye.

I had been late every Monday for the last 3 months… 

13 thoughts on “Chapter 01

  1. Oh a maid! Lol. Same old Sean. You could hire a new maid or a male maid, though I suspect he likes being surrounded by beautiful women and things. I wonder if this is how he tries to cope with his dad’s death. I love your sets as usual.

    Liked by 1 person

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