The Final Chapter – 100

Always And Forever

The following day was madness from 6am. It was one thing to the next thing to the next thing. Victoria and I parted ways at 7am because she had makeup artists booked, hairdressers, photographers and a line of things planned. I had a barber coming, photographers and our suits arrived not long after. By 11, my head was scrambled… I wasn’t even sure when I had to be at the church at this stage. But Victoria had planned it perfectly because as hairdressers left and photographers arrived, shortly the wedding cars turned up with a one way trip knowing exactly when I had to be there.

Photographers were snapping Justin, Archimedes and I relentlessly.
“You look nervous…” Arc said examining my expression.

“No not at all. Just a small case of anxiety. I’ve not even been able to catch my breath…” I smiled.
“Oy, enough pictures, let us get a drink and then you can snap that okay?” Justin said running inside slapping me on the back on the way through.
“I wish there was something I could say about now… You know a speech for the groom…” Archimedes chuckled.

“It’s okay. You look sincere Arc. And I know you’re awkward as all hell to say something gushy to me. So thanks…” I nodded.
“Sean, I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye or been very close over the years; but I find myself curiously grateful that we are actually talking to each other again.” Arc glanced away, clearly understating the depth of his emotions.
“I’m glad too. I think you also are one of my longest standing friends Arc. I’m glad you’re here…”
“As am I,” he smiled nodding.
“EY are you guys having a moment without me?” he said trying to juggle three glasses of champagne. I slid one out from his hands and laughed at him, “I got some shit that might get rid of them nerves mate…”
“What ever would I do without you Jus?” I said holding my glass up.
“To Seanny boy. Uh. You know, I wish me and Abz were here all the time. Because I miss having you around. You saw me into the arms of Abby when we finally made it and I’m glad I’m here for you…” He said looking slightly emotional. Just as we clinked glasses the photographer began snapping us again.

“I love you mate…” Justin nodded and smacked my back reciprocating my feelings.

The venue was lined out just as we planned it. It looked royal, so gorgeous and nothing left out. I stood with Justin and Arc by my side waiting for my bride. I had been a bachelor for more than a decade, but through the last three years… there was nothing to be nervous about now. I wanted to be married… I wanted to be just where I was. The only thing that made me anxious was forgetting my vows. Just then I heard a voice… standing at the end of the isle. A tear came to my eye realising it was Abby singing without music, singing so beautifully as she walked with Daphne trailing behind her.

Abby continued singing while the pianist joined her softly. Finally a saw a vision of white pouring from the wedding car. And this is where the emotions came. Stunning Victoria. I suddenly felt nostalgic, remembering how i fell in love with her standing across a crowded room. And now … an angel in white gracefully walking down the aisle with her long time friend Carl.

With every step she took a new tear came and by the time she made it to me Justin passed me a tissue so I could straighten myself up,
“Aww baby. Look at you…” she whispered.
“You look like an angel,” I smiled with my lip still quivering.

After a short introduction by our minister Victoria and I wasted no time announcing our vows.

“Victoria, Beautiful Victoria. I love you so much. I loved you before I even met you. I can still recall that fundraiser like it was yesterday. Maybe we didn’t like each other much back then, but look where we are today. All that rage turned to lust, and that lust turned into love. Over the years you have sat by my bedside, we’ve been scared together, laughed together, and had our beautiful Eden … we’ve been each other’s person and hand to hold through it all. Now and forever, I choose you. You’re my home, my reason to be … you’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Victoria cried. And she could barely catch her breath to speak.

“Oh damn you Sean Hyatt…” she laughed trying to laugh away her tears. Everyone chuckled. “Ahem, I knew coming here today you were going to charm me right out of my vows. So I’m going to try…” she paused.
“Sean… I know we didn’t start out like the typical love story. I gave you hell and some would say I made you work for it… But I’m glad I did, because you never gave up. And you HAVE never given up on me. You have given me so much. First you gave me hope, because you had faith me. You gave me love which I hadn’t had in a long time. You have given me family, friends and support which makes me stronger all the time. I can’t imagine a world without you. I promise to love you always…” Victoria was never one with words, but this was the one of the moments I knew I’d never forget. Shortly after the ‘I do’s’ I slid a wedding ring on her finger and kissed her.

The moment was magical and it almost felt like we were the only ones there. As soon as the minister announced us Mr and Mrs Hyatt everyone clapped and Victoria and I made our way down the aisle while everyone showered us with petals and the photographer took photos of us.
“Oh my god I can’t believe it, darling I’m so happy…” I said to Victoria. On the side of the venue Victoria and I entered the bar. A caterer passed us both a champagne glass each so the photographer could take our photo. “To us…?” I asked.“To my husband…” she said as I went for a drink. I drank while Victoria stood there and watched me.
“You know when someone makes a toast, it’s a normal thing to take at least a sip…”
“I’ve been kind of sick most of the morning…” I squinted my eyes at her and tilted my head to the side. “Plus it’s probably not a good idea I drink at all really….” She said smiling uncontrollably.
“Oh my god. Really?!” I said surprised. Victoria nodded bursting with joy.
“I’ve literally been thinking about it all week. I was going to ask you tonight if you were ready for more… but I guess, oh my god another baby! If this day couldn’t get any better…” I said grabbing her and swinging her around.

“I’ve been waiting for days to tell you knowing I wanted to surprise you…”
“I’m shocked, but in such a good way!”

A few hours later Victoria and I greeted guests and we sat down for a massive meal. Course after course of beautiful food, music and an embarrassing best man speech, I decided to get up and say a few words before our first dance,
“If I knew that this day was going to end up like this, I would have got married the day after I proposed. You have been all been wonderful friends and family. And my beautiful bride and I would like to thank everyone for coming tonight,” I looked down at Victoria and held out my hand, “To the most beautiful woman in the room, and the mother of my … Children,” I smirked.

“Yep were having another baby guys!” Victoria said cheering with her arm in the air. Everyone applauded and cheered as Victoria expressed her happiness and mine.
“Let’s dance…” I said taking her hand. The lights dimmed and I immediately twirled her out and back into my arms and held her close. It was a place I planned to keep her forever. I hadn’t waited this long for there to be any second guesses. She was my one, she was the real thing.


I held her looking back on everything I had done in the last decade wishing I met her sooner. Chasing skirts all this time, when she was waiting for me. Just like I was waiting for her. All those hearts I had to chase to find Victoria was worth the run, and boy did she make me run. But I’d do it over and over again to get right here in her arms.


Victoria And Sean’s Wedding Album.

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