Chapter 11


It didn’t even occur to me that I left Starbucks without a tea or food. I was completely lost in the moment of seeing Pammie again … that nothing actually mattered for the five minutes she was in my presence. I turned back several times until I saw her come out of Starbucks and jump in a taxi.


I rushed back to the Hyatt and noticed Beth skipping over to me straightening her hair.

“Mister Hyatt… I have your messages,” she said waving papers at me.

“Yep, read and walk love…” I said as she kept up with me as I entered the elevator. I was a little out of my mind actually, I could hear Beth talking and rattling off my messages and meetings but nothing was really coherent.

“Sir, Sir … Sean!?” she said trying to snap me to attention. She gave me a questioning look and titled her head to the side. I finally gave her eye contact and smiled weakly, “Beth darling, I need you to make a reservation for 2 at Le Gavroche on Saturday…” I asked as the elevator arrived at my floor. I signalled her to follow and she walked a step behind me tapping on her phone before pressing the phone to her ear. Once I got into my suite I gestured Beth to come in and I stood at the bench feeling a little strange. I was having a build-up of feelings and I didn’t know how to react to them.

Pammie literally had me in a blur.

I only sat with her for a few minutes but it was enough to make my heart swell … and deflate at the same time. She was married and I was beginning to wonder what would have happened if I never left London all them years ago.
“There fully booked …” Beth said gritting her teeth.


“They are always fully booked love, I’ll write you a cheque and you can pull some strings. I need to take someone to the best place in London.” I replied. Beth nodded and started writing stuff down in her book while I disappeared into the bathroom. I stood at the mirror for a moment and splashed my face a few times.
“Are you okay?” Beth asked appearing in the doorway with a glass of water.


I looked at my reflection and shrugged sighing out not really wanting to show any emotion. I walked past her glass and plonked on the couch,
“Pour us both a wine or something heavier love…” Beth quirked an eyebrow at first but walked to the kitchen grabbing a bottle from the fridge.
“I saw a ghost today. And she’s married. Beth … I may have shagged a lot of women but never any married ones. Not to my knowledge anyway…”
“Excuse me for being blunt … but doesn’t your time with women expire after a night?”
“Not this one. I had a feeling once. And it’s back. But I can’t have her…” I said leaning forward. Beth finally came over and delivered my drink and parked next to me on the couch.


“I say push her …but tread carefully. If she’s happily married you’ll know what she wants soon enough. Otherwise all is fair in love and war.“
“I mean would you agree to have dinner with me if you were happily married?” I asked.
“No.” There was a nagging thought in my head wondering why she actually agreed in the first place.

Was it because of our history? Or was she having the same feelings as I was.

I got up off the lounge realising I had a business meeting with Gary in less than 30 minutes and I nearly had lost focus to why I was having it.
“Okay now organise that table, and tell Mister Hasse I will meet him in the board room when he arrives…” Beth got up from the lounge and placed her empty glass on the table before walking towards to the door.
“Hey Beth…” I said softly.
“Yes?” she smiled.
“Thanks for the talk love…” She almost did a small curtsy before nodding sweetly.


“Anytime Mr Hyatt…” she said. As she exited the room I grabbed the notes she had left behind on the table realising that Samara had been calling again. I put her number on block the day before but there was no shaking this woman. I didn’t need my face on a magazine with Samara and Pammie seeing it.

I wanted to be the most available I could be… Just in case.

9 thoughts on “Chapter 11

  1. He’s adorable and I love these morals of his. Conflicted, concerned, but optimistic. I wonder how long Pammie will string him along for, or if she will play this game. I like this ship though. They both deserve lasting happiness. Drr… lunch break over. I’ll read more soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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