Chapter 13

Following Suit


I arrived back at headquarters feeling a little bit guilty about what I had done. I was on the fence about the pictures knowing that they would get me out of trouble with the boss. But I didn’t want to produce them knowing I should be on Sean’s side. It was Sean … I couldn’t play him like this, even if he had plans to play me. I was so confused about the date we half planned, even though my heart was totally in it … and I had already mentally picked out a dress.

Sean seemed to cast a spell over me, that made me want to say yes to everything.

Just to be around him was special. The way he talked, the way he carried himself and the way he treated me made me crave him and want him again.

Once I sat at my desk I put my head down and tried to do my work but I knew I couldn’t get the interview with Sean because he would know I knew about Samara … and I didn’t want him to know that I knew about them. Not yet.


I was interrupted by my thoughts by a perky young girl approaching my desk,
“Hey I’m Melody. Your new? I heard you got assigned the Sean Hyatt story…” she smiled.
“Yeah I did…” I said almost trying to ignore her and clicking about my mouse looking productive. She didn’t even ask me my name, she just seemed interested about what story I was doing.
“I met the guy last week. By accident actually. I didn’t get the interview though…” she said sitting on the side of my desk looking as if she was drifting off in a dream.
“Oh? I haven’t met him yet…” I lied shrugging my shoulders.
“Well I got thrown from the assignment needless to say. I completely forgot about the interview and the next thing I knew I was being wined and dined by a hotel mogul…” she said looking all starry eyed.


“So you didn’t get the story after the all the … dining?” I said gritting my teeth.
“Uhm. No. I guess I was just too busy doing other things…” she said laughing walking backwards to her desk.

Ugh whatever. Rude bitch just came to gloat.

I wondered for a moment why I would try and protect him anyway? He was obviously having sex everything that had a pulse and a skirt. It made me stick the small memory card from my phone into my computer and copy the pictures I took today. Once I had the pictures off my phone I started a document and began to write a gossip story that people would crave to read.


I spent more than 20 minutes angry writing before I sat back in my chair and held my finger on the delete button. I leaned my head back feeling defeated about my devious and conniving actions.

I couldn’t do it. I just didn’t have that malicious side whatsoever.


If anything I had to call him and tell him what I had and knowing that if it wasn’t me, it could be someone else doing this to him. I had to be honest … or at least try to be about what I had done… I googled The Hyatt’s main offices and decided I would go to there to avoid seeing the boss. I knew if he saw me there was a chance he would ask me about Sean’s interview. And I didn’t need that kind of pressure on my first day.


I left headquarters just as quick as I arrived and took the first taxi off the curb. I almost couldn’t justify why I was doing this. I had barely been out of his presence for an hour and I had this addictive need to be around him again. I hadn’t even rang him to say yes to a dinner date with him yet, but Sean made me feel this way. Like a ridiculous and desperate fool. I wanted to feel like I was better than all these women that were falling into his arms, and make him chase me because falling into his arms was so easy.

But … I was about to get wined and dined just like Melody. Why was I allowing myself to be hurt?

4 thoughts on “Chapter 13

  1. Wow, three updates in one weekend. Color me impressed (and a bit jealous).
    Pammie just can’t seem to stay away from Sean. Yet, she felt the need to tell him that she is married, letting Sean assume that she is off the market, which she is not.

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