Chapter 15



I was internally grinning. I just couldn’t help it. This innocent young woman came here to do a good deed and she looked so righteous doing it. I took her hand feeling like I could trust her, but at the same time wanting to offer her something in return to make sure these pictures stayed only with me. I sat back down and took a breath out,
“So what magazine do you work for Miss Cromwell?” I asked.
“OK! Magazine. It’s literally my first day…”

Oh she was just so innocent it was nearly cute.

But if she was doing this her first day at a gossip magazine, I knew she wasn’t going to stay innocent for long. Journalism is a fierce career and if you want to stay in the game, you have to be a part of the competition with everyone chasing the same thing.
“I hate to be blunt, but most journalists I have met have been very hungry for their own career and reputation. And I know you’re not a silly woman. And possibly have copies of these somewhere. How can I be guaranteed that these won’t leak accidently?” I said placing my hands together. Pammie looked confused and cocked her head to the side scrunching her brow.


“Pardon me?”
“How much money do you want Mrs Cromwell?” I asked her firmly. Pammie shook her head quickly with her mouth agape.
“Oh no … you have me all wrong Miss Messina. I didn’t come here for money…”
“I have worked in public relations for far too long and had many journalists come wanting money. Maybe you’re too polite to ask and think you’re doing me a favour so I might offer it … I just thought I would put it out there so you understand…” I said.
“I know Sean from high school and we are friends. I’m just looking out for him I promise…”
“Okay.” I paused standing up from my chair. “So I know for a fact that people have been looking to get an interview with Sean regarding his relationship with Miss Samara Becke. Could I leave you in charge to keep things professional and not mention this to Sean whilst obtaining the information you need for your story?” I asked her.
“Yes.” she replied.
“You scratch my back Miss Cromwell, and I will scratch yours,” I said leaning on the table.


Pammie looked rather intimidated gulping down hard and not quite giving me eye contact. I grabbed a post-it note from my desk and looked in my organiser to find Sean’s assistant’s number so Mrs Cromwell could get in touch with Sean. I scribbled it down and passed the yellow paper to Pammie before giving her a polite grin.
“Thank you very much…” she said gathering her purse and going to shake my hand once more.
“Have a nice day Mrs Cromwell. And don’t hesitate to contact me personally if you have any information that is relevant to Hyatt hotels, or Sean…” She nodded and backed out of my office awkwardly before walking straight down the hall. The second she was gone I was completely done playing polite and fake happy faces.


What an ass kissing little twat.

I knew she had stars in her eyes every single time I mentioned Sean Hyatt. Either she was hoping for a miracle or pursuing some high school fantasy. Either way I didn’t give a flying fuck about it. I span around in my chair and smiled at the pictures I was given. These weren’t going to do any favours for me to support my position at the board room table. But I knew these photos had Sean just where I wanted him. He had been walking a very wonky tight rope with the board and these pictures would grab him by the balls and put him in a tight spot.


He was in trouble and didn’t even know it.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 15

  1. I don’t understand why Pammie would trust her to hand her something like that. She should have just given them to Sean.


    1. I guess she probably felt like she would incriminate herself. In case he reacted badly? Like .. “why would you take photos of me?” you know he dislikes the press.


  2. I had to smile. They have similar hairstyles but way different personalities. I’m hopelessly behind with this story but I saw your like on my latest KCLKF post and wanted to remember where I left off here. I’ve got to catch up! Congrats on hitting over 60!


    1. Aww im so glad your catching up again. its so great to see you around. and i read all of your stories with Kassiopeia and loved all of them… is there a NEW ONE? i thought maybe there was… or maybe i have been OFF the stories for such a long time… will i read them out of order? what is the order… so i can catch up on what i missed while my back was bad.


  3. The drama. The backstabbing. The double crossing! I love it. Though I’m beginning to think that everyone, even the bad guys, are in over their heads. Everyone thinks it’s going to be so easy to get what they want…

    Liked by 1 person

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