Chapter 19



The following day I left Samara laying on her stomach and I was readying myself for work. I had no meetings til 10am but I wasn’t going to be here when Samara woke up. I was in the kitchen tip toeing around before I noticed Rose come in discreetly. I sat at my kitchen bench and drank a glass of juice clearing my throat to try and get her attention,
“Bonjour Monsieur…” she smiled walking by me.
“Hello Rose. How are you today darling?”
“Nothing changes much Mister Sean. Unless you do not require a sheet change?” she said pointing to the bed where Samara was stirring. I thought it was best if I spoke to Rose in French incase Samara could hear me,
“Chéri, pouvez-vous lui prendre un peu de service en chambre (darling, can you grab her some room service)…”
“Bein sur Monsuier. (Of course Sir)” Rose said nodding at me.


“S’il vous plaît assurez-vous qu’elle est partie avant que je rentre à la maison (please make sure she is gone before I return home).” I said grabbing my wallet off the side of the bench and offering Rose a large tip. She glared at me a moment and I gave her a begging look before I tucked the 100 pounds in the front of her apron.
“You’re the best love, see you,” I said pulling the door closed quietly. As soon as I hit the ground floor I looked around for Beth. When I didn’t spot her straight away I checked the board room to find her sipping tea and fiddling about on the computer.


“Oh Sean! Ugh. Wou- Would like a tea?” she said sounding surprised.
“No, come. Come for a walk…” She put her cup down and took a bite of the cake on the table before grabbing her phone.. As soon as we left the Hyatt we walked across the street heading to nowhere in particular.
“Where are we heading to?” she asked.
“Nowhere. Just away for an hour…”
“Oh no you didn’t…” Beth said with a disappointed look on her face.
“I had a short lapse of rationality,” I shrugged.
“You mean you got tanked and got into the knickers of the first pretty thing with long legs…” Beth said shaking her head.


“Well actually Samara came knocking… I definitely don’t need THAT this morning,” I said actually regretting last night’s decisions.
“Ugh Samara. You mean stalker. I have been answering her 100 calls a day for a week now,” Beth said as she rolled her eyes. I liked Beth, she was too honest but I liked it.
“Okay okay, that aside, don’t tell me about any calls from her please. But I need you to make me an urgent appointment with finance, my dad’s lawyers, and find out if there are any events coming up that might me have me rub shoulders with my competition.”
“So I can get this done the minute I get back, but I meant to tell you that I got a late afternoon message from a Mrs Pam Cromwell…” I stopped in my tracks and turned all my attention to Beth. “She’s the married lady isn’t she?” Beth continued.
“Uhm yeah…” Half the reason I got with Samara last night was because I was between drunk, guilty and a little down about Pammie being married.
“Well she works for OK! Magazine and she needs an interview about Samara.”


Oh NO! she knows about Samara! It made me regret last night even more.

Samara’s paparazzi was bound to be waiting for her when she left the hotel today and it was going to be another notch in our ‘so called relationship’.
“Okay, I have two appointments between 10am and midday. But book her in today if you can. Before or after the lawyer’s is fine. Let me know what time she is coming.” I said.
“Okay I’ll head back to the hotel, and I’ll see you at 10am Sir…” I nodded and kept walking the opposite way to Beth. My relationship with Samara was about to be properly defined to Pammie. And I didn’t care if Samara was going to be the last one to know.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 19

  1. I am liking Beth more and more. She is the strong, sensible voice that Sean needs in his life right now. I can’t wait to see what Sean says to Pammie about Samara. As much as I don’t like her, I don’t want to see her get hurt.
    And I hope you have a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!

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