Chapter 27

The Will

It was Sunday and Beth came knocking at my door rather early. She normally didn’t come in on a Sunday, but today was an important day. After the lawyers had appointed the new CEO’s of Hyatt hotels around the world, my father’s will was finally ready to be read. I kind of knew what was going to happen, but since it was a video I was happy to see it. I just wasn’t sure how emotionally charged I would feel after it. A video was different from a picture, I just hoped he had something to say to me that would give me some guidance for the future.
“So no skinny little tarts in your bed today Sir?” Beth said laying a suit over my chair.
“Unless you want to jump in bed with me darlin’” I said cheekily. I didn’t really mean it, but Beth would always come up with something cheeky to say back.


“You wish could handle this Mister Hyatt!” she said bopping her booty before she turned around and snapped her fingers several times trying to rouse me up once more. “You know they aren’t going to wait for you…” She finished. I stripped my blanket back and asked,
“Have I got time for a shower?” I let out a massive yawn ad Beth opened her phone and shook her head.
“No, get your shit together. I’ll see you at your mother’s suite in 15 minutes…” Beth opened the door and slammed it hard enough to make my ears ring. I was a little seedy from last night and it showed when I looked at myself in the mirror. I must have come home and completely passed out. I opened my phone to see if I had any missed calls, but my only missed calls were from Samara. I had hoped that I may have got a missed call from Pammie, but there was nothing. I didn’t let it bother me though considering it had only been 12 hours since I saw her. We way she left things last night was a little bizarre though, but I wasn’t about to text the number she called me from last night. I wanted to leave it a day or so to see if she called me.

I wasn’t 100% presentable but I honestly didn’t have the energy to bother with ties and suits even though Beth laid one out. I walked to my Mother’s suite and everyone was in the kitchen area eating a small brunch snacks and coffee. My mother turned to me and smiled,
“Good Morning darling…” she said kissing my cheek.


“Mother…” I said kissing her other cheek.
“Let me get you some tea sweetheart…” she said fussing about at the bench to pour me a drink. I gratefully took the cup from her and weakly smiled when she gave me a grim look. It was the type of situation where I wanted to be here but didn’t. And I was sure she was feeling the same.
“C’mon lets go sit on the lounge and wait for Dad’s Lawyers to settle in with their paper work,” I nodded and Mum and I sat beside each other and Beth sat on my other side with her hand on my leg trying to offer me some support. Dad’s lawyers stood up and announced who they were and talked about when the video was recorded. Which was about two years before his death. Though my father’s actual written will was updated every year and nothing much had changed on the video that was important to mention. My father’s Lawyer James pressed the play button on my mum’s dvd player and my father’s face showed up on the screen. My mum instantly took my hand and scrunched it in hers. He smiled firstly before grabbing a bunch of documents and tapping them on the table. It was a little surreal. It was like he was still here and not really gone. My mother turned to me and I could see sadness in her eyes immediately.


I remained quiet whilst he introduced himself. Hearing his voice beyond the grave was actually heart wrenching. And holding back emotion was incredibly hard. He spoke for more than 15 minutes about other Hyatt hotels and the people who were directed to run them. Finally he got to my mother,
“Deidre, the love of my life. My life has been incredible with you, and I could have never achieved half the things I have in my life without you by my side…” Mum cried and sunk her head in her hands. Dad took a sighing breath out, and continued a few moments later, while I placed a comforting arm around her,
“I leave you our 16 estates around England, Australia and France…” The list of other things he left her went on and on and on. Along with amounts of money that my mother would never use in 5 lifetimes.


“And Sean Hyatt. My son. My boy. I imagined my whole life that I would have you be my heir to let my legacy and have it continue and grow for generations with our Hyatt name. I know where you are now in your life, and I don’t want you to feel obligated to full fill any of my dreams. My dream as a father, was to see my son happy. But in saying that, I leave you 75% of the Hyatt’s shares and in charge of the Hyatt in London. The list rattled off another 6 of his estates that ranged from Australia to Europe and a sum of money that was really surprising. And finally, son if you do not wish to take my offer to be on the board of directors I hand the CEO position to my lifelong friend David Barnes. David, you have been a great friend and colleague. And through all your loyal years, I hope that 25% of the Hyatt’s shares will lead you into a very happy and wealthy retirement…” And just like that the video was over. I didn’t know what to make of it really. I was happy, sad, emotional and fuming all at the same time. I wanted to explode, but I wasn’t sure what emotion was gonna burst out of my lips first. I got up abruptly and stormed out the room slamming the door behind me.


His legacy, his heir … and he gives a quarter of it to DAVID???

7 thoughts on “Chapter 27

  1. Whoa Sean….you are still CEO. But I can see why he’s upset. Didn’t he bring thisnon himself. When his Dad did this he was not settled and was running around spending money using his influence to help Abby. Not seemingly interested in the hotels all that much so his dad probably did that to protect his legacy.

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    1. Well in the 2nd or 3rd chapter he brought up some things about Sean’s commitment to Hyatt and his lifestyle. Plus he knows that David has run the london hyatt before (when his father would have been in other cities) and i think he hates this because David just wants his greasy paws on it. And now that he has 25% of its shares, Sean could be in trouble and lose his top spot in the directors chair if he can get other board members approval. Sean knows this … in the back of his mind.


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