Chapter 29

Let The Puppet Do It


It had been 2 days since Sean and I hooked up and it had gone back to normal. It was the first thing I thought about when I woke up and it drove me insane not knowing what was going on between us. But I was definitely growing sick of his brush off’s.

How could he just use me like this! I’m Samara Becke!

It was barely 10am and the last time I showed up at the Hyatt I snuck past security and that was my exact intention again … but this time I was about to try it earlier in the morning hoping that it would be a busier time of day. I approached cautiously and two door men stopped me before I tried to go in.
“I’m sorry Miss Becke, Mister Hyatt has requested that no one bothers him today. He does not require any personal visits…”
“Well I’m his girlfriend. Surely he will allow that,” I snarled at the security guard who spoke.
“Actually no. We’re very sorry. Good day…” the other doorman nodded.
“DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” I spat with my voice raised.


“Yes Miss. But as I said before Mr Hyatt has a board meeting and has requested privacy.”
“Okay … fair enough. Well I need to rent a room. Please let me by…” I said trying to push between the two men.
“Miss Becke, I apologise. But you violated our security at your last visit. Please find another hotel. If you refuse to leave, I will have to call the police…” I was stunned and stood there with my mouth agape.


He was so arrogant to what i wanted!!

I was defeated, I didn’t know if it was the security trying to keep me at bay or Sean. Either way I felt a little hurt. I scowled at the men and turned around in a huff towards my car and sped off recklessly so they both knew I was mad with them. I made it a few minutes down the street and ducked into a café and called Annika to meet me.

Annika took more than one hour to get her stuff organised at our house. I left her there sleeping this morning, but I knew she would come. I ordered two coffees and texted Sean repeatedly telling him how mad I was and about the security shooing me away.



“Hey Sammy, I was totally enjoying my day off today!” Annika said arriving at the table snapping my attention away from my phone screen.
“Look I need you to do me a favour…” I asked her. Annika was weak, and she often just obeyed what I asked.
“Can you go to the Hyatt? I need you to go and sit in the lounge and order a drink or two and see if you can spot Sean Hyatt for me. I can’t get hold of him and they won’t let me in Annie…” Annika rolled her eyes at me and shook her head unimpressed.
“Because you stalk the poor guy. Sam, I’m not chasing your boyfriend around. I think you may have approached the situation the wrong way…” Annika replied.
“Oh you’re such a cow! After all I do for you! … UGH I’m so mad right now. You call yourself my friend!” I said waving my hand at her and looking away giving her the cold shoulder. I heard her sigh and I knew she was disappointed.
“Why are you like this to me all the time? You sulk and you put me down to make yourself feel more important…”
“Because I bloody am Annie. God… look if you don’t do this for me, you can rent a hotel room at the Hyatt for real. Because if you were my friend you would do this … okay?” I glared.


Annie looked scared and quite upset at the same time. I knew she would do it because she literally had nowhere to go and no funds to go running back to Germany. I left her with no choice. Tears were welling in her eyes and I gulped down keeping my glare at her.
“I haven’t seen the guy, I don’t even know who I’m looking for…” she said quietly unable to give m proper eye contact.
“He has blonde hair and its quite long, he’s dressed quiet nice and has blue eyes. He owns the place, you will know it when you see him…” I said.
“You know I had plans to enjoy my day off, and do useful things,” Annie said sarcastically.
“Well this is useful, here take my card … use it to buy drinks and keep yourself entertained until you can send him out. Text me when you spot him and I will come… and stay there all day if you have to!” I demanded.


She nodded into her lap and weakly smiled taking my card. “I can’t drive there, they will notice my car, so you better get going…” I said with a shooing hand. Annie looked at me with sad eyes once more and coldly walked away heading out of the cafe. I watched her follow the window towards the Hyatt smiling to myself knowing that I would get to see Sean today.

I just couldn’t believe I had to stoop to this level to get to see him. I was the celebrity here. Not him.

9 thoughts on “Chapter 29

  1. What a witch. Poor Annika….if she sees Sean he will know she’s up to something. I am sure she would probably cave and tell him everything.

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  2. Does Samara need a brick wall to fall on top of her head to make her realize that Sean doesn’t want her. If she does I’m sure that it can be arranged. What a bitch she is. If I was her friend I would have thrown that credit card back at her and she should be glad I didn’t shove it down her throat. If that is the way she treats her friends, imagine what she does to her enemies.

    Liked by 1 person

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