Chapter 31

Where’s Your Place?


I arrived at the Hyatt prompt and early for today’s scheduled meeting that was pushed forward to a much later time. No doubt to accommodate Robert’s son Sean. I could not bring myself to call him my boss. I ran this hotel and was the director of The Hyatt for 6 long years and I was the one in power, not him. Robert had so much confidence in him, but his playboy antics and his alcoholism lately was proving to be a problem.


And it was time that I had to take the power I had to lead the board into a better future. I couldn’t see this hotel go to ruin because the owner was too busy chasing every skirt in the UK. I had grown tired seeing him in the press, and smelling of alcohol some mornings over the last 3 months. He owned the place, and had such an impressive inheritance that he didn’t need to sit at the end of the table. He could be the silent owner and take a seat in the board room so I could step up. All I needed to do now was get the other board members approval to have him step down respectfully.

I just hoped that Deidre wouldn’t resent me for doing this to Sean.

If I hadn’t known the boy his whole life, I wouldn’t feel guilty about it either. Part of me knew that Robert could be turning in his grave knowing my next step … but I wasn’t about to bossed around by someone with no personal goals and no direction for the Hyatt. I would hope in hindsight that he would see this as a positive thing.
“David!” A female voice called from behind me.


“Miss Messina, how are you today? Is Mr Hasse still having time off?” I asked her. Gary Hasse had taken way too many weeks off work and his paternity leave hadn’t even started yet. Josie was a lovely woman and I liked her on the board to get a female point of view.
“I’m well,” she said slowing down to catch her breath. “Do you have a moment? I need to talk to you about something important.” She finished. I looked at my watch realising that I had more than 40 minutes til the meeting so I directed her into the Hyatt’s lounge. I took a seat further in the back corner and sat beside her.
“I heard the board meeting was cancelled today, what brings you here to the Hyatt? I thought you would be in the office today,” she asked.
“No. The board meeting was not cancelled dear, it was just pushed til 1pm today.”
“Really?” she said surprised. “Will Gary Hasse be here today?” she inquired.
“I believe so. He has not called in ill.”
“I guess I will not be required then, thank you for telling me…” she smiled.
“What can I do for you Josie?” I asked again.
“Well as you know I am the leader of public relations, and I had a reporter approach me with some rather compromising photos of our … uhm. Sean Hyatt.”

Oh god, not again.

“What kind of photos are we talking about Josie?” I asked her.
“The kind you would possibly be ashamed of. But I didn’t want to go to Sean because things have been rather difficult …” she sighed placing her fingers across her face looking seemingly upset.


I leaned over and touched her shoulder hoping she would tell me what was wrong.
“What’s happened?”
“Well Gary thought it might be a good idea that I took his place on the board to persuade my seat. But I had a run in with Sean last week and he has been very sexist and very rude to me… he didn’t tell me that Gary Hasse had returned. He said women had no place on the board…” she sighed before she sobbed once and swiped her lower eyelid.
“I think you contributed some really good ideas, and I could see you on the board Josie…” I smiled.
“Oh David really?” she said placing her hand on my arm.
“Actually yes I do…” I said softening my smile.
“So I heard about your 25% of shares. You must be feeling really powerful right now. I think these pictures could be the final straw here, don’t you? I mean if I can get a place on this board … I would definitely give you an ‘aye’ over Sean Hyatt…” she said with flirty eyes.


“Well it would be good to know that I have your vote Miss Messina. But I will need those pictures to gain these votes. If you could email them to me today that would be fantastic…” I said knowing by next week I would have something to go on.
“How about we meet up later for a drink and I give them to you on a USB?” she asked. Josie Messina was beautiful and she was definitely being a little flirty with me. And I had been a single and very lonely man for years. I wasn’t sure if she was suggesting something more than a drink but I wasn’t going to tell a beautiful woman no.
“Of course, I’ll meet you here at 8pm.” I said getting up and straightening my clothing. She nodded and walked away looking back over her shoulder waving to me.


 I took a sighing breath out and composed myself quickly before heading towards the board room.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 31

  1. I seen this one coming. Sean’s life is coming back to bite him in the ass big time and Pammie is going to learn not to be so trusting.

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  2. I would love to see Josie get what is coming to her. I believe Beth will be the one to help Sean sock it to her.
    Sean needs to get some picture of David and Josie, after all she said she was going to sleep with David.

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