Chapter 32

It’s All About Winning


After sitting with that old bastard David in the lounge for 5 minutes too many and flirting with him I was still trying to rid the ick of that terribly unattractive man. I stayed in the lobby for a moment on my phone wondering exactly how I could work this. I needed a magazine to take a picture of Sean with another woman so I could secure my place on the table with David. I was dreading the fact that I may have to flirt the man into bed tonight to get the spot … but I had a better idea hoping I could tell Sean the information I knew, and the pictures I had to back him into a corner. David had some power but Sean had way more, and he knew that another bit of bad press could push him out the seat knowing David had some power now. I sat for a moment and looked up the number to OK! Magazine hoping someone would be able to take the pictures I needed. I called the reception and asked to speak to the editor and after waiting on hold for more than 20 minutes I was finally put through,
“Thomas Rivers, speaking…”
“Hello Mr Rivers. My name is Josie and I’m from the public relations team at nearby hotel…” I paused and waited for him to respond.
“Oh yes, yes. Uh, what can I do for you?”
“Well this is just a friendly tip. But it turns out that Mister Hyatt has been cheating on Samara Becke and I thought it would it would be quite the page turner if you could get one of your photographers or reporters to write something up about this. I am a fellow competitor and Mister Hyatt’s reputation is despicable in this kind of business. Plus that poor girl…” I said sounding concerned.


“I see. I had been asking many of my reporters to get an interview about Samara Becke from him. But yes thank you for the tip I will get someone on this immediately…”
“No, thank you. Have a nice day sir…” I snapped my phone shut and smiled hoping they would do the work for me. I couldn’t exactly give David the photos I had of Sean and I.


It was more than an hour and members piled out of the board room. Most of them talking to each other, shaking hands and making their way out of the Hyatt. Thankfully David did not sight me on his way out. I was waiting for Sean to come out … but he was taking forever to show his face. I saw the board room door open again, and Sean was coming out with his assistant,
“Can you please make an email reminding the other board members that I will see them all again tomorrow at 9am regarding the issues today. I’m really not happy about this Beth… I’m so fucked off right now.” Sean said looking completely irritated.


“Sean!” I said stopping him. Sean looked at Beth and Beth smiled before clearing her throat and walking the other way.
“Josie I am in no mood for drama today. Please leave… go back to the offices.” He said sounding rude.
“I just came to talk about a personal matter…” I said seemingly innocent.
“Josie I mean it, if you want your job tomorrow, I suggest you leave.” I was stunned, but he wasn’t about to play me like that.
“But I thought you’d like to know about David and… some pictures that he has of you.” I said shrugging hoping he would be interested.


Please be interested.

Sean was unimpressed. But his shoulders dropped gesturing me into the elevator without a word. We stayed silent all the way to his floor but I could hear Sean breathing quite heavily and I watched his nostrils flare while he focused his anger at the doors. Sean walked quickly out of the elevator and walked into his suite going straight for the fridge. He drank straight from a wine bottle and plonked it on the side slamming the fridge.
“What is it?”
“So how did the meeting go? Did David have some personal matters to bring up with you?” I said smirking.
“He might have…” he said taking another massive gulp from the bottle.
“What if I told you that I had the pictures and he hasn’t got anything? I could be completely on your side if you do the right thing by me.”
“I refuse to be manipulated by you Josie. I know what your game is.” he said pointing a nasty finger at me.


“Maybe I am. You don’t have all the power any more Sean. I could keep these pictures, and I could cancel my date with David tonight. If you want…” I said approaching him and looking up at him in a sultry way.
“You think you’re clever don’t you…” he said scowling at me.
“Oh I know I’m clever…” Sean was fucked either way. He could give me the seat or I could get it from David. But what he didn’t know I had already tipped OK! Magazine to watch him. It was only a matter of time before he bedded someone else. “Do you want to write up the contract, or wait til I get it anyway when I fuck David later tonight?” I said smartly.
“You know my parents taught me never to speak disrespectfully of women. But there are no nice words for you Josie. I’m not in any mood to talk about this right now. I want you to make a meeting with me later this week with Beth and I’ll see you then. I can’t deal with this right … I just… Just get out…” He yelled.


He was crumbling and I was internally laughing. He was either about to burst out crying or lose his shit … and I knew that it was a sign of me winning.

He was so weak. And he’s not a boss’s arse.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 32

  1. Maybe it would make an even better story if they wrote that it was Sean’s PR managerin who spilled the beans… Love drama AND an intrigue in the hotel? Who would want only one if they can have both xD


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