Chapter 33

Maybe Everyone Was Right

I prepared my main pitch and went over it in my head exactly what I would say when the board members were there today … but David took the opportunity to pat his own back and announce his shares to the board getting a nod from everyone as if he had some master plan. We started off with a few things on the agenda and my pitch hadn’t even got touched before David took the room and talked about me. Naturally there was a heated debate between us and it ended with me announcing for us to reconvene tomorrow after our heated stand off calmed down. I was sick and tired of my personal life becoming a problem with the Hyatt and his overdressed ego wanting the main seat again. I felt like I could take him on easily … with my pitch tomorrow to gain confidence with the board leaving my personal life at the door … until Josie dropped a bombshell.

He was planning to take the directors seat and she had him wrapped around her little finger.

I had no idea what these pictures were, or whether she was bluffing … but it had me feeling really nervous. I was steaming when I left the board room and now between all the emotions I felt like I was cracking. I was sick to my stomach. I had drank an entire bottle of wine in less than 5 minutes and I felt nausea reach my throat and I went to the bathroom to be sick.


Soon after I collapsed from my knees and laid on the bathroom floor just looking up at the lights.

Why are things not getting better?

I had really dug myself a hole and pissed away any power I had over Hyatt hotels. All my goals and hopes and dreams were disappearing by the second. And maybe I deserved it. I was beginning to think it was easier to give up.


Because I felt like it was a battle he had already won. Dad had truly fucked me over with this shit. I felt like I was suffocated by bullshit and I couldn’t escape.
“Oh Monsieur!” I heard from the bathroom door. I tear trickled out of the corner of my eye and refused to roll over to look at her. “Monsieur are you alright?” she asked.


“Yes Rose, I’m okay…” I groaned.
“Do you need help from the floor?”
“No…” Rose seemed hesitant to leave but she did anyway. Less than 5 minutes later I heard some high heels click on the bathroom floor. It was Beth. She laid on the floor with my sideways and looked at me glumly and sighed making eye contact with me.
“Rose called me. She was worried…” Beth said quietly.
“After the argument between David and I in the board room today, it’s only a matter of time before he calls a meeting to get the approval of other board members…”


“I am always on your side, but everything he said today was true Sean. It’s all you’re own doing. Between late mornings, different girls running in and out of this hotel, and you’ve been half hungover and only hours sober after long nights of pissing on…”
“I didn’t have much of a leg to stand on did I? Heh…” I was disappointed in myself and I didn’t actually realise how important the Hyatt was to me until I had the feeling that I might lose the power in guiding it to its future. I just wish I had realised sooner. My mother and Beth had been on my arse for months, and I didn’t do a thing about it. I indulged in everything David accused me of today, and I defended myself and possibly humiliated him and myself in the process.
“I didn’t get my pitch out. I completely flopped everything today…”
“Tomorrow is a new day Sean, make that one better. Scratch this one, and own the meeting in the morning, okay?” Beth said positively.
“Okay…” I was not really feeling myself but I got up first leaning on the side of the bath before offering a hand up to Beth.


“Can you please arrange an appointment with Miss Messina in a few days, and call her to tell her what time.” Beth nodded and rubbed my shoulder before leaving my room. I figured I had to do what I planned in the morning and see how things panned out to discuss things with Josie. I didn’t even know what I was going to do. But I had to start somewhere undoing one mistake at a time. I felt a little better, but I wasn’t about to mope around in my hotel room today. I headed down to the lounge hoping there would be a pianist there. I often felt a lot calmer enjoying a drink a listening to the piano.

It often reminded me of Abby Greene.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 33

  1. If I haven’t highlighted it enough already, Beth is the best! If he doesn’t come up to her, she comes down to him and be it onto the bottom!
    And she’s right anyway, the “old” Sean wouldn’t have given up so easily. He was a skirtchaser but he was also a great businessman!


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