Chapter 35

What Would I Do Without Her?

I woke up in a flurry when I felt my blanket being ripped fast off my bed.
“Come on get up! After all the bullshit yesterday, you’re not even downstairs and the bloody meeting is in 15 minutes…” I rubbed my eyes and groaned out loud.


“And you, you little tart get your things and go before I call security!” Beth demanded with a pointy finger. I sat up quickly barely functioning before I saw the little blonde from last night succurring to grab her clothing before running embarrassed into the bathroom. I saw my pants sprawled on the floor and I picked them up and dragged them up my legs lazily looking at Beth.
“So after the ‘let’s feel sorry for Sean’, you went and got sloshed and found yourself a little blonde and here you are. BEING the man David accused you of being. You’re not even bloody prepared for your meeting SEAN HYATT!”
“God Beth, c’mon … lower your voice. Jeez…” I moaned.
“Sean Hyatt?” the young woman said surprised in the doorway. Beth looked her way and glared at her viciously before storming towards her.


She didn’t ask Sean Hyatt once more before I saw her hop into the elevator without a goodbye. With my pants half up my legs I flopped sideways on the bed feeling really flat and so hungover. Beth left the room and came back in with a shirt and tie and slapped me on my behind trying to rouse me up once more.
“Okay I’m up…” I said pushing myself up to stand.
“Go and wet your hair down and lather some cologne on, you smell like a bloody brewery Hyatt… I don’t know how you expect to be respected by your elders when you act this way,” she said all motherly. I could hear her rambling from the next room, but I kinda tuned out as I was brushing my teeth. A moment after that I splashed my hair and face and re-entered the room when Beth was in mid-sentence placing my shoes on the floor, “And I do this every SINGLE day… When are you going to take things seriously?” she finished nearly breathless.
“Are you done?” I smirked.
“Hmmm I’m sorry…” she said as I sat on my bed and began doing up my buttons. Beth kneeled on the floor with my shoes,
“I can’t help but try and fix you a little bit. You tell me about all your struggles and I…” she said tying up my laces.


I don’t know why she was doing my laces but I grabbed her chin to look up at me,
“I appreciate you… And you always mean well though you whinge like my bloody mother.” I snatched the other sock off her and put it on myself and slid my feet into my other shoe before I helped Beth up.
“You have 5 minutes. Get your ass down there. I’ll arrange housekeeping and see you shortly…” Beth said as I entered the elevator.

What would I do without her? I’d be still lying in bed … dying of a hangover.

I got down to the board room and David looked at me with a vicious glare. I sat down in the seat and gave him an equal stare back,
“I hope were not going to have any issues today David,” I said clearing my throat afterward. David sighed out and refused to answer me, “Just remember you can hold your shares and still be fired from this board room at any time if you want to be a prick…” I said beginning to fume. David gulped down hard and nodded cowardly,
“There will not be any trouble today, Mr Hyatt, I sincerely apologise about yesterday.” I nodded at him and stood up looking around the room,
“Now since we’re all here, I do apologise for the open argument and disagreement between David and myself yesterday. But I arranged another board meeting to discuss the future of Hyatt hotels here in London. I have been dealing with my financial advisor’s and hunting for more property ideas to expand. While the Hyatt has the money to do this, I will be contributing in this endeavour to arrange a friendly arrangement in buying out a nearby buisness. London does not have any open land to start from scratch and it could take more than 10 years to find a suitable place for another hotel. So I have researched some hotels in financial trouble and looked at this as a possible idea for expansion…”


I paused for a moment and a saw David’s jaw nearly hit the desk while other men smiled in their seats.
“This is a fantastic business opportunity for the Hyatt Sir…” one of the board members said. I opened my folder and handed them a few papers regarding the hotel I was interested in and releasing information to them about their shares and their profits. If I played this smart, I could possibly buy shares off most of the shareholders to prepare for a hostile takeover if the owner wasn’t going to play nice. Members of the board smiled and muttered to each other and bombarded me with questions I was able to answer confidently. I couldn’t help but watch David slouch in his seat without a good word to say. Regardless of my hangover, i came out on the other side.


Suffer in your jocks David.

7 thoughts on “Chapter 35

  1. I glad Sean sock it to David.
    Beth just tells it like it is. No holds bar. If you don’t like it tough.
    Sean, makes me mad the way he goes from one girl to another. I thought he like Pammie, obviously not enough to keep his pants in. Sean seriously needs to look into some counseling about his drinking and his using women. This women in this story are so gullible, except Pam. I love Pam’s she reminds me of my mom.


  2. What bothers me about all this is Sean should be able to lead his own personal life as long as he is able to do his job. As long as his drinking and women do not affect the hotels this shouldn’t be an issue but of course David is playing dirty.

    Beth is breath of fresh air. I love her candor.

    I thought poor Annika was going to have a panic attack when she found it she slept with Sean. It would be better for her if Samara found out. With friends like Samara she doesn’t need any enemies.


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