Chapter 04

Enter, Exit Samara

I made it to the lobby and Beth popped up immediately at the sight of me and pulled out her book that she often carried around with her.
“Okay what’s the go for today?” I asked her while keeping a steady pace while she skipped along to keep up with me.


“Well Forbes has been trying to get hold of you for the last two weeks Sean, I cannot put them off much longer. Will you at least do an interview?” she asked.
“Yep, next?”
“You have a 1pm meeting with finance, and also I have OK! Magazine still wanting you to do an interview about Samara… Ugh, And you must have been ignoring her calls because she has called 18 times at the front desk since last night…” Beth finished trying to catch her breath.
“Fantastic …” I said stopping to wonder if I would be swarmed by Samara’s paparazzi the minute I left the front door.
“Look I need you to find out where Samara is. Call her agent, call someone I really don’t need her bullshit today,” I sighed out and considered taking the back entrance to the hotel. “Look I will do the interview with OK! … I got to say my bit on this relationship crap I think it has gone way too far…”
“Did you not know she was only 19 when you met her?” Beth asked. There was a reason I kept this woman around. She was never boring and she was always upfront about everything. Other personal assistants in the past were too scared to give a real opinion.
“No I didn’t. I was very very intoxicated. She could have been 50 and I wouldn’t have known. Thank fuck she was legal aye?” I said knocking Beth’s shoulder.
“Yeah thank god,” she said darting her eyes around in an awkward way.
“Okay you go find her, I’m heading out to grab some food…”
“Do you need me to get that for you Mister Hyatt?” she asked.
“No I need some air. I’ll be back shortly. Find Samara…” I said approaching the front doors before the doorman pulled the doors open for me. I nodded at both of them and just as I was stepping off the curb a familiar car was turning into the valet area.



I pulled out my phone and texted Beth immediately.

SEAN: Don’t worry I found her.
BETH: Would you like me to get you that lunch Mr Hyatt?
SEAN: No. But in about 10 minutes come to me tell me there is an urgent meeting. I will be in my suite.
BETH: Yes sir.

I stood there with my hands in my pockets just waiting for her to get out the car because I couldn’t exactly run the other way knowing her car was here. Her car came to a halt and both of her beautiful long legs stepped out of the car before she flung her hair back.


She was completely drop dead gorgeous but such a pain in the arse. She was the worst kind of diva and her age really did show the minute she opened her mouth. If she never spoke we would probably get along.
“Babe where have you been? Have you not got any of my calls?” she said storming her way over. I shrugged and looked around as if I hadn’t.
“I’m sorry darling, I have been very busy…”
“But Seanny I’m important, you made me feel really un-cared about last night…”
“Ugh, sorry Samara but my whole life doesn’t revolve around you…” I said trying to test her. She scowled at me and sighed out almost disregarding what I said before flinging her arms around my neck. I uncomfortably tried to shrug her off but smiled at the door men who were looking on.


“Let’s go to your room, I’m really horny today. I’ve been calling you all night!” I was shocked for a minute because she said it loudly in front of a few patrons and the valet. I grabbed her by the arm and took her up to my suite to avoid any more embarrassing remarks that may have come out of her mouth. I actually had no intentions of having her because I had another woman leave my room barely 20 minutes ago. In fact I wished Samara had come while she was still there. It may have been the icing on the cake so she knew I wasn’t interested in any kind of relationship.

The moment we got in the door she kissed me and was tore my jacket and shirt off me before dropping to her knees to unfasten my pants.


She was ravenous on my body and I was nearly powerless to stop her before realising Rose was coming from my walk in wardrobe.
“Samara … Samara!!” I said louder trying to get her to stop tugging at my pants. She swung around and saw Rose standing there looking a little timid.
“Well go on then, fuck off maid!” she said inconsiderately. I turned to her and looked down at her angrily.



“Samara. Just go… please. Rose is my personal house keeper and you can’t talk to her that way.” Rose began to gather her trolley and linens in the background while Samara glared at me once more.
“She’s a stupid maid. She may as well be a bloody slave…”
“I don’t care, there is also respecting people and your being very immature…” I scolded. I felt like her parent in a weird way. “It is not working out. I never settled for any kind of relationship with you. You have just gone on and made assumptions about us. So could you please just go…” I said feeling like I was already wasting my time. She was surprised and it seemed as if she was going to cry but she pushed me back before muttering something under her breath in German. I watched her leave and the door slammed hard behind me.
“I apologise Rose. She … I mean THAT was uncalled for,” I said pointing over my shoulder.
“It is okay, no need to be sorry. Good day, Monsieur Sean…” Rose said politely leaving.

I had said things like this before, I just hoped that Samara wouldn’t show up again.

10 thoughts on “Chapter 04

  1. Wow… talk about major bitch moment. Samara reminded me a smidge of an early immature Abby until she insulted the maid. Hopefully she gets the picture. And Rose is an ever patient housekeeper.


  2. What a bitch that Samara is. I’m surprised it took him this long to tell her to go eff herself. I do have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of her.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Okay, I’m super late to this story and playing catch up and my plan was to read quietly but um Samara is off the chain! Hahaha, oh man. I love a villain. I can’t wait to see what she does.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. She is just the worst type of person and I have a feeling that she won’t let him be so easily. She’s after him for one reason, his money! At least, that’s how I’m reading her right now!

    Liked by 1 person

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