Chapter 40

Hard Ball

When we went back to the table Beth gave me a gritted teeth look as if she knew Victoria was mad. I sat beside her and went to speak to her,
“Victoria…” I said pleadingly.


“Miss Major… and don’t speak to me … thankyou…” she said nodding as she finished. I felt a little helpless and as I went to speak again our dinner was delivered. She began eating really quickly like she wanted to leave.
“I only wanted to speak with you, and ultimately help your hotel. I wish you would reconsider meeting with me,” I said gently.
“Obviously you have been spying or snooping about my financial affairs and know the kind of pressure I’m under….” She said with her mouthful. “I’m not really interested in your offers. I’ve offered people shares to my hotel, in order to keep my head above water at this stage. And I don’t need some rich hotel mogul trying to buy me out. I’m okay with being a smaller hotel business owner … and I want to keep my hotel the way it is. I don’t some rich prick messing up all that my father and I have achieved….” She said spitefully.


“The struggle doesn’t have to be hard…” I said not touching my dinner, Victoria by now was more than ¾ through hers and eating fiercely stabbing her knife and fork into her meal. Her death glares said it all, and there felt like there was actually reasoning.
“The fact that you’re not willing to compromise to see yourself into a good deal is not very business like at all…” She shot another cruel glance at me and stood up at the table.
“Excuse me…” she said walking away from the table. I got up a moment after her and she was heading to the bar to try and escape me. Finally when we were in the lobby I called out to her,
“Victoria… Victoria please…” She turned around and was reasonably close to me.
“My name is Ms Major, only my friends call me Victoria… Thank you very much. And please and thankyou I would really enjoy going to the bathroom ALONE!” she said icily.


OOF that was a real bitter kick to the guts. I think she fucking hates me.

I sat at the bar and waited there for her for more than 10 minutes. I was trying to think of something to say, but I just couldn’t. She was playing hard ball … and there was no way to try and get this business deal. There was the hard way and no way. And no way was not an option for me. Not if I wanted to stay at the head of the table. I had to reveal my hidden cards to manipulate the situation. Finally she showed up and rolled her eyes at me and kept walking. I walked after her seemingly desperate and sat down beside her. She was eating silently but I saw her nostrils flaring while she did it.
“Do you think I’m going to buy you out before talking with you rationally…”
“I’ve talked to many businesses Sean Hyatt. I know what they ultimately want.”
“Please Miss Major… I know your struggling financially and your shareholders have been unreliable. I know you have sold off bit by bit to keep your head afloat. It only takes your shareholders to rally against you and decide what is appropriate for the business since you own than less than 50% now…” She squinted at me and looked as if she considered it for a moment.


“And how would you know?” she asked. “You act like you know everything about me. You don’t know anything. I refuse to keep this conversation up any longer Mr Hyatt…” she said wiping her mouth and grabbing her bag and readying herself to stand up.


“You might want to sit down for this…” I said about to reveal my secret card I had to play against her. She wasn’t playing nice, so I literally had no choice.
“I had my financial advisor’s chase down your shareholders and most of them quite happily sold their shares to me for double of that they are worth. So you either want to have friendly chat with me over a coffee tomorrow morning. OR I can play the hard way for a hostile takeover. Which is it going to be Victoria?” She stood up and grabbed her glass and poured it into my lap slowly,


“You can go to fucking hell… have a nice night,” she said sarcastically raising her eyebrows before slinging her bag over her shoulder. Beth sat there unable to contain herself and began pissing herself laughing. And I couldn’t help but shake my head in disappointment.
“I really like this one Sean… she’s a fucking hoot,” Beth said nodding.
“I think she likes me,” I smirked trying not to be embarrassed.

I guess she wants to play hard ball.

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