Chapter 41

Can This Keep Going On?



I had thought about Sean constantly for the past few days, but I wasn’t going to be the first to pick up the phone. I wanted him to chase me. I had picked up the phone more than 20 times to call him, and hovered over my messages at work just waiting for something to show up, but nothing ever did. I decided to stay concentrated with my work to keep my mind off him.

Suddenly my phone rang,
“Pam, Thomas here …could you please come to my office?” he said sternly. I winced at the firmness of his voice and put the phone down going straight to my boss’s office. When I arrived I peered into the seat in front of his desk and noticed another man in the other one.
“What can I do for you?” I asked not sitting down until I was invited to. Thomas paced around desk at first then sat down,
“Please sit down Pam. I have a job for you.”
“Hmmm? Ok…” I said uninterested. I just hoped it would be something with more substance to it. Because my job here was becoming boring already.
“Okay I would like you to meet Austin. He is one of our photographers…”
“Nice to meet you Austin,” I said turning to him and weakly shaking his hand.
“Now I’ve been given an anonymous tip that Mister Hyatt is cheating on his girlfriend Samara Becke with another lady…” A warm feeling immediately filled my stomach and I could feel myself panicking.


Was it me? Who the heck is he talking about?

“Oh really…” I stuttered.
“Yes. You are still to submit an interview from him…” I hadn’t submitted the interview from the other day because it became personal and I didn’t really feel inspired to write anything. And after our date on the weekend,writing about him felt wrong. But I wasn’t about to admit the relationship I had with Sean Hyatt to my boss.
“Yeah he is definitely a tough guy to get hold of. You have no idea…” I said nervously.
“Well I have talked to a few representatives of Samara Becke’s over the last few days and they seem to believe that she and this hotel mogul are in a serious relationship. So if he is having an affair, this could be fantastic gossip…” Thomas smirked.
“So what is it exactly that you want me to do sir?”


“Well I’m going to pair you up with Austin, he is gonna snap the pictures, you’re going to write the story. I’m sending you out with Austin so you can try and surprise Mister Hyatt with questions after you have the picture you need. Are we clear?” I gulped down hard and nearly shook my head.
“Crystal,” I smiled weakly.
“Okay straight on it. Find the man, watch what he does… get those pictures. I don’t want to see either of you in this office until you have done it.” Austin and I both stood up at the same time and left his office. Austin stood by my desk and looked at me awkwardly,
“I have a truck, I guess let’s get to work…?” he questioned shrugging his shoulders.
“Yeah he sounds a bit pissed off. I suppose we should.”


It was definitely going to be easy working with this guy considering he was easy on the eyes.

Once we arrived to Austin’s truck I checked my phone wondering exactly what Sean would be doing at this hour.
“So I guess we can park outside of the Hyatt hotel. I talked to a couple of my paparazzi friends and they told me that the guy usually heads out for coffee about 10am most mornings. I guess we can start there…” Austin said opening my door.
“Yeah…” I said not knowing exactly what to say. Again I didn’t want to do this at all. But being paired with this guy was nearly backing me into a corner I couldn’t get out of. I just hoped I was the woman they were talking about, because I knew it would devastate me if it was someone else considering our date the other night. It was just bullshit that it was going to keep me and Sean apart until I knew Austin wasn’t going to be watching him.


My job was becoming impossible. And any future relationship with Sean was going to be just as bad. Maybe it was time front up and tell someone about him.

One thought on “Chapter 41

  1. Pammie forget about Sean, he is into Victoria. He has already sleep with someone else, Samara’s friend, since having sex with you. What is the deal with this women and their low self-esteem? Is their no other men in this town besides Sean? Austin is a little hottie, dreamboat. Look across the seat Pammie, at Austin, you may find true love.🤔

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