Chapter 45



I blew out a heavy sigh through my nose, and tried to focus. But this task was proving to be impossible because the idea of having Sean Hyatt under my roof was making me insane.


He was infuriating and I didn’t even know why he was here. He was here to taunt me and make me feel twice the stress I was already under. I prayed it would only be a night because brushing shoulders with him once more would have me saying things I may regret later. It was everything about him really, his manner, his stupid smirk and his pleasant remarks that made me even madder. I couldn’t actually tell if he was genuine or whether it was an act to win me over. Either way it wasn’t working. Last night after the charity ball I got on my phone and looked him up and he was plastered all over magazines and newspapers. Some were business but more were about his personal life. To be honest his personal life or ‘sex life’ rather, was actually pretty sickening and not very admirable for a hotel heir. He was like a rich playboy with no goals or morals rather than the man he was trying to be. There was no way this playboy was taking my hotel. Anyone else but him.

I arrived to the lobby and placed the key on the wall and signed the handy man out and paid him. The numbers were just crunching in my head but I disregarded them knowing I had bigger issues to handle this afternoon. I literally had guests arriving for pre wedding reception drinks in about one hour. I had housekeeping going over everything with a fine tooth comb and had the dining room set up again after it had been closed for more than 8 months. I didn’t even have a chef on staff any more, so I was forced to hire a caterer for this private event. But the hotel needed this. I had to spend money to make money. I knew that the alcohol consumed by the guests would pay for my caterer and there would still be a good amount of profit from this. Just as I looked up from the books I saw Sean storming across the hotel lobby with his shirt unbuttoned and his pants barely fastened.


What’s he doing now?

By the time I strolled into the bar he was taking down a shot of liquor and holding his hand up for another. It was barely midday and he was drinking. There was a good possibility that he was an alcoholic, but it was clearly none of my business.


I approached ready to fire at him again, because if I had to endure of one of his smart arsed remarks again I would probably lose it,
“Ahem, Mr Hyatt. I’m not sure how you run things down at your hotel, but I have guests arriving shortly for an event. Could you please at least do your shirt up?” I asked politely. I knew there was anger in my voice but I could not control it around him.
“My apologies Victoria…” he said without a smirk or flirty remark. He turned around on his stool and hung his head over his glass.
“Look it’s none of my business Mr Hyatt, but if you are having a personal problem I could have a bottle brought to you room…” I said hoping he would get out of my bar.
“Nah. I’m good. Thanks for your concern Miss Major, but I think I might soak in the atmosphere…” I could nearly feel the steam coming from my ears and I tried to compose myself without blowing my top,


“Well can you please fasten your belt, and try not to make a spectacle of yourself in the next few hours.” He chuckled for a moment and sipped on his drink before turning to me pulling at his belt to close it,
“At the Hyatt we kind of let our guests be. Instead of tip toeing about and bossing them around. No wonder your losing business love.” I couldn’t help but feel a little hurt by his comment, but the hurt only made it easier to attack him,
“That’s the price of standards Mr Hyatt, but if you wish to stroll around clumsily dressed that’s your business. But NOT in my bar!” I finished quietly.


Suddenly Sean leaned in closely and quietly spoke in the same tone,
“I have standards, but you will never see them up there on your high horse.” He said. He was beginning to get irritated and it was a first because he was usually smart and flirty. I had things I could say back, but he was trying to get me to bite … I was sure of it.


I stormed out of the room and walked beside the stairs heading to my office. He was getting under my skin but I wasn’t about to let him in on it.

Was I really controlling and high and mighty?


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