Chapter 47

Take What’s Mine

“Oh finally, do you know how long I’ve been looking for you?” Beth said strolling into the bar area. After the few drinks from before, I resorted to having a few glasses of lemonade and just sat quietly at the bar. “Well I delivered the bags to the room anyway… what’s wrong? You look like shit…” Beth finished placing her arm over my shoulder.


“Nothing love. It’s just not going well with Victoria. And I don’t have a leg to stand on if don’t close this deal,” I said still talking with my head down.
“There are heaps of hotels to choose from in the London area Sean.”
“I know but I have invested a lot of money in this hotel. I need it…” I said disappointed.
“Well take the profits from your shares and move on from this,” Beth said taking the stool beside me.
“That’s the thing, this hotel is drowning in debt, and there is no profit to be had. By the time it pays out it goes into negative. The shareholders were glad to see someone interested in their part of this hole. Look around Beth… the place is dated and hasn’t been renovated in decades … I have to wonder where the fuck the money is going?” I replied. This hotel had me completely invested and I wanted it more than ever now … even if it meant I couldn’t have her either. No matter how nasty she was, or bitter she was … I thought of her constantly.
“Okay Major hotels aside, we need to talk about an incident that happened out the front of the Hyatt today…” Beth said gritting her teeth.
“Incident? Why wasn’t I alerted?” I asked.


“Well it’s about Samara Becke…” I rolled my eyes and slapped my forehead.
“How many times have you told this woman not to call and that I’m busy and I don’t have time for a relationship?”
“Too many times Sean. I have literally lost count… but uhm do you remember a little blonde I pulled out of your bed about 4 or 5 days ago? “Beth asked.
“Uhm. Yeah. Vaguely…” I said thinking back to the night where I picked her up in the Hyatt lounge.
“Well there was an incident with Samara beating this girl half to death near the fountain out the front of the hotel this morning.”


“Oh god. What was the young blonde doing there?” I asked.
“I have no idea Sean. But Samara is just getting out of hand. She calls every day excessively, she’s trying to breach hotel security constantly. I think it’s time to sit down with her and really discuss things with her. It’s time. It really is…” Beth said patting my shoulder.
“Well I can’t have cat fights out the front of the hotel. But seriously, I have told this girl til I’m blue in the face Beth…”


“Well you’re sending some mixed messages Sean, your mad and you tell her how it is and then you get in her knickers. Then your cold again…” Beth laughed.
“Yes I admit, I did that a few times. But initially the girl was fine. But she wouldn’t take no for an answer just being an on and off fling. She’s very young and very naïve about what I told her. But look set it up. I will see her. I think I have to be cruel to be kind at this stage. It’s the only way I am going to get through to her.”
“For when?” Beth asked.
“Maybe for tomorrow night. Tell the guards to let her through. Thanks for letting me know.” I finished.
“So how did it go with Victoria?” Beth asked.
“I don’t know. But she keeps on talking about her and her father’s hotel. So I’m going to find him and hope he isn’t as hard headed as she is. I am not backing down from this, this hotel is MINE,” I said pointing to the bar.


“OOOO sounds like you have your mind made up. But you’re going to have to play her game. Enough with the flirting and charming. Just get down to business and tell her you’re not playing around either.” Beth said firmly.
“I like this woman… so much actually. We haven’t more than 2 minutes of a pleasant conversation. But …”
“But that’s where you’re going wrong! Your head isn’t in it. You’re thinking about having sex with her and not doing business. Maybe you should check out of here and prioritise what your position really means to you at the Hyatt. Because your too busy skirt chasing…” Beth said shaking her head. I wasn’t going to argue with her because she would just come out and tell me something the same. I didn’t know Victoria, but I wanted to know her. And expressing that to Beth made her think that all I wanted to know about her was how she was in the sack. Beth had come to know me a certain way over the last two months … I guess she wouldn’t come to expect that maybe I can change.

But I knew she was right, it was one or the other with Victoria. And I had made my choice to take the hotel.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 47

  1. Will it be business or pleasure? I think it will be both in the end.
    Yes, he is sending mixed messages to Samara. That is what happens when you think with the wrong head.

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