Chapter 51


I couldn’t bring myself to go back to the hotel. Not sopping wet and looking like a fool. So I hailed the first taxi and took it home and thought to ask Beth to go fetch my bags for me later. When I arrived back at the Hyatt I spoke to no one and got in the elevator and took it straight to my room and got in the shower. Victoria’s words of hatred towards me echoed in my head and I didn’t understand it.

I could understand her being mad, but I couldn’t understand her hate. I found it eating at me for most of the day. Until I settled down in the Hyatt’s gym to let off some steam. The next board meeting was in a few days and I had nothing new to present about Major hotel, unless I went about it the hard way and just took what I wanted. But that would see me never seeing Victoria again. And I honestly couldn’t handle that.

It was late in the afternoon and I had been working out for more than an hour when Beth came through the doors.
“Now I got your bags, and I have some messages…”
“Okay just read them out,” I said pushing the weights closed by my face.

“Well I’ve had Pammie call a few times today…”
“Yeah I’ve had her call my mobile phone a few times too. And I’ve had texts. Next…” I said ignoring Pammie’s messages like I had ignored them myself.
“Okay I found that art gallery that Miss Major was going to in a few days. I just needed to confirm whether you wanted me to buy you a ticket or not…?” Beth said tapping on her phone. As much as I would love to take the opportunity to see her, I knew that it would just anger her, and nothing would come from it anyway.
“Nah just scratch that, I give up working with Miss Major. I may have to get you to research a new game plan for me Beth. I think perhaps another hotel that WANTS to sell.” I said feeling defeated.
”Okay I’ll get right on that after this. And I’ve had Samara call and she wants to know what time she should come over tonight?”

“Oh fuck I forgot about that. I’ve had such a shit day Beth. You have no idea.”
“Well I haven’t seen you here in nearly a week. I’m glad you’re working out your troubles instead of drinking or finding your next lay…” she smirked.
“Yeah yeah. I’m really not in the mood at all. Humph. You know Victoria chucked me in a duck pond today…” Beth laughed through her nose then stopped herself by placing her hand over her mouth.

“Sorry Sean. Uhm why did she do that?” she asked still giggling.
“She hates me. I mean I knew she didn’t like me very much … but when someone tells you they hate you … it hits a lot harder…” I said setting the weights down and climbing on the treadmill.
“You’re definitely talking a lot about a girl you JUST fancy…” Beth said coming closer.
None of my feelings or politeness were reciprocated when it came to Victoria. I just knew the way I felt when she walked into a room or when I saw her. Sometimes even speaking to her when the going was good made me feel strange inside. It was a mixture of nervousness and being excited all at once.
“The hate is just eating at me. How could I be attracted to someone who hates me?” I questioned her.

“Well she’s a fiery one for sure. And she is passionate about her hotel Sean. Just like you are. I don’t think she HATES you. I think she hates the situation…” I didn’t want talk about Victoria hating me any more, so I decided to completely change the subject.
“Look tell Samara to come over about 7pm. I’ll talk to her then.”
“Should I talk the liberty of clearing your fridge of all wine JUST in case you have a lapse in judgement and end up in her knickers?” Beth smirked.
“Trust me that IS NOT happening. I would be defeating the purpose of tonight…”
“In fact I haven’t seen a woman come through here since you met Victoria. It must be love, love, love …” Beth said walking away singing a song, but joking about it.
“Yeah right!” I laughed. I grabbed my towel and swiped my face before following closely behind her.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 51

  1. I love, love, love, Beth. Sean is falling for Victoria. They will have lots of stories for their kids if they marry.
    It is time to get rid of Samara onces and for all. Hope he actually does it this time. Samara is the type you tell her face to face “I don’t want anything to do with you, it’s over,” she will still stalk you. Watch out Sean, Samara will dig up all your dirty laundry for the magazines.


  2. Ahh .. Beth always the voice of reason and stability in his life!

    Sorry to hear that real life has you on the ropes. I saw the good news about your daughter and her veterinarian work. I know you must be very proud!

    Liked by 1 person

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