Chapter 52

I’ve Changed My Mind


I actually felt awful. Really awful. I felt defeated and couldn’t even go after him because I knew I was the one who fucked up. His troubles were plastered all over the magazines and papers and as his friend… I should have always been on his side. It even bugged me that I couldn’t even define what kind of relationship we had. We had previous relations several times over the last 10 years, but now we were toying with the idea of doing it all over again. I just sided with my magazine because I wasn’t 100% sure I believed him about his personal relationships with Samara and whoever else I didn’t know about. It actually made me feel a little angry and jealous about everyone.

I sat in the car with Austin and sighed out loudly really pissed off. And he knew it. He had a tip of where this Hyatt guy was, YET he had no real idea at all considering Sean was right inside. I wasn’t about to tell him because I had to start making amends for all the shit I had done.
“So where are we off to?” I grumbled.


“I heard he’s in town here. I just don’t know where. I figured if we ring around hotels we might just get lucky.”
“I’ve kinda had it with this case to be honest. This guy is just a hotel business man,” I said.
“Yeah, a hotel business man dating a popular socialite and model. And now he’s cheating, I mean this great gossip for the magazine. I just want to be the first to get it…” Austin smiled eagerly.
“Is that what it’s all about to you? Not about people’s feelings?” I asked.


“As a photographer, yes. I do want to be the first one to get it. Otherwise I become quite useless in my career with magazines. Plus where’s your head at Pammie? As a reporter you should be a little more cut throat about writing that story first…” Austin said starting the car and taking off. I put my head down and ignored him making several phone calls knowing that all the ones I made were going to be pointless.

My little spat with Sean ate at me all day. And it didn’t help that he was the topic of Austin and my conversations. I just wanted to blurt out that I knew him and that we should leave him alone until Austin shouted,
“Look there he is!” he said screeching the car to a halt. I noticed Sean with his hands in his pockets walking beside Mrs Major, the hotel owner.

This is a business deal, not him cheating on Samara.

Austin fumbled about with his camera and dashed out of the car. I was not about to follow. I figured if he got the pictures, someone else could write it up, because Sean told me this morning he was trying to close a deal.


After about 15 minutes, Austin came back and seemed a little confused by the pictures he had taken.
“I don’t know. I got some pictures of the two … but I don’t think it was a pleasant meeting considering she pushed him in a pond. We could have him cheating on this girl and Samara and that’s why he got pushed or just show them in the park and get readers to believe this is the mystery girl he’s been having it on with. What do you think?” Austin asked.
“Ugh I don’t know. Ask the boss… I’ve had enough today. I’ll talk to you later,” I said getting out of the car.
“Okay, ugh. I’ll see you tomorrow…” Austin said confused. He never did ask questions. He watched me walk back to my hotel in the rear mirror before I seen him drive away from the hotel curb. Knowing he would head to the office I knew I had some time to get ready and go to the Hyatt to try and apologise to Sean. It had bugged me all day that he never returned any of my calls or texts, and even dodged my calls from his personal assistant.


I had to try and make things right between us. I even began to have regrets about our date a week ago.

Why did I ask to go slow, when I actually wanted him?

One thought on “Chapter 52

  1. Well, the question is, Pammie, will he hear you now that he’s trying to get to Victoria and found out you are supposed to get a gossip story about him? This means a decision. Either Pammie or Victoria, both is impossible!


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