Chapter 54

It’s On Like Donkey Kong!


The last time I felt as giddy as this, Sean and I spent 3 whole weeks together. I hadn’t even got to explain what happened earlier today before I felt a sudden urge to just pounce on him. I was too old for these games and playing hard to get. If I wanted Sean Hyatt, I had to try now. And I had to be the one who turned this bachelor straight. I nearly did it once, I knew I could do it again.

I picked up my bag and quickly patted on some extra make-up and rubbed a little perfume on my wrists and thighs. He had been barely gone a minute when I heard the elevator door ding. I positioned myself seductively on the bed and every bit of colour drained from my face and that excitement turned to sheer panic when I spotted Samara in the door way stepping in the room confidently.


I scrambled up the bed at first for a sheet until I realised I should be running for my clothing. I slid down the bed and was able to reach for my skirt, but I felt intimidated as she came closer to the bed. You could practically see the steam shooting from her ears because eyes were almost murderous.
“Who are you?” she shrieked. I shrugged and every word I wanted to say got lodged in my throat.

Was she here for her booty call? Even after Sean said he had nothing to do with her any more?

“Hey you little twat! What are you doing in my boyfriend’s bed?” she said kicking my skirt backwards as I went to reach for it.
“I am a friend of Sean’s…”I said shakily.
“Oh like hell you are! You’re the fucker who has been having it off with Sean behind my back!” She yelled.
“I think there has been a misunderstanding Samara. I’m sorry if I have offended you…” I wasn’t the confrontational type, and I would always avoid argument if I could. But she was just waiting for me to say the wrong thing. She had un-rational eyes and she was ready to snap.
“You fucking little slut. Look at you all tarted up like a prostitute waiting for him like this. You’re bloody cheap. And you’re ugly… and oldddd,” she said screwing her face up. “You see this? This is what he comes home to. Not some old slapper like you. Oh my god…” I was beginning to feel slightly intimidated by her. The names and insults just poured out of her mouth one after another as I reached several times for my skirt. As I went down lastly Samara’s knee caught the edge of my temple.


“Look at you all weak…” I scrambled for it once more before I felt pressure on my scalp as she yanked my hair back. She pulled it possibly as hard as she could and all I could do was yelp out in pain and try to get her to stop by pulling her hands away. But the harder I pulled the harder she pulled and I was beginning to lose my cool. I became angrier and I was not about to let some 18 year old bimbo beat me down like this. I didn’t care who she was to Sean. From my position I could barely do anything other than kick her in the shins or struggle out of it.


So I aimed my heel at her shins and kicked her as hard as i could. Samara let me go and I turned my ring around on my finger and I was ready to lay into her. She had pushed me far enough. I yelled at her and swung my hand across her face cutting her clear across the cheek.


She held her cheek in surprise and saw blood on it before coming at me again. But this time I wrestled her equally before laying a few punches into her mouth and getting a hand on her hair as well. Samara was off balance on her heels and I was able to wrestle her backwards onto Sean’s table punching her senselessly and angrily several times until I had to restrain myself. I stepped back and snarled at her huffing and puffing,
“Have you had enough yet? I asked her as she pushed off the desk. Her face was bloodied and I could tell she would fight me all night long if she had to.

Sean where are you??!!!

My shirt was over near the elevator and I tried to pass by her again before she launched at me again ripping two hands at my hair.
“You will never have a chance with him bitch…” she said viciously. “I will kill you before that happens,” she finished. As I wrestled back I punched her once in the nose and pushed her backwards,
“I’ve had him for years and years. You have nothing on me little girl…”


“OH you have plenty on me… you know … like years. You know Sean likes his girls young.” She announced so cleverly. But I honestly just wanted to smack the smile off her stupid bloody face. She went for me again but I was able to wrestle her away before grabbing at her waist and punch her continuously in the head. She worked out of it only for a moment to grab me around my hair again.
“What the hell is going on?” I heard ring out loudly in the room.

Sean, Thank god you’re here…

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