Chapter 55

The Lies

I had no idea what the hell was going on but Samara’s fight intensified and Pammie’s fight had lessened. I was finding myself begging them to stop and unlatching Samara’s hands from Pammie’s hair.


“Samara JUST STOP!!!” I said in a loud and very angry tone. I even scared myself with the tone of my voice. She let go immediately and stepped off Pammie. Finally I saw that Pammie had got stuck into her and she was bleeding quite profusely from her face in several places. Pammie had obviously copped the wrath of Samara pulling her hair but otherwise looked fine. They both were practically snorting with anger when they looked at each other. But I stayed between them evenly like a barrier. But Samara looked like she was about to dive at her at any moment.
“Ok next person who fucking moves. I’m calling security. I mean it…” I said to Samara. I didn’t expect Pammie to move, but I hoped I could settle this without any more bullshit. Samara even pushed towards my shoulder to get at her but instead she spat over my shoulder and in her direction,
“You’re not fucking worth it anyway Bitch. I’m the fucking winner here…” she nodded confidently.
“What the fuck ever Samara, keep fucking dreaming you dizzy little cow,” Pammie screamed over my shoulder.
“Look shut up the both of you. I don’t want any of you!” I said angrily shaking my hands.


Pammie fumed for a moment and swiped her skirt off the floor and flung it over her back. She grabbed her bag and shirt quickly and went to go by me.
“Pammie…” I said softly as she pressed the elevator button.
“Whatever Sean, I’m over this drama,” she said. Samara tried to grab her again but I was able to forcefully control her arm to stop her as she went for Pammie.
“Look just stop it okay for fucks sake Samara!” I said yelling once more. The adrenaline between them and the panic I felt from coming back to such a fight had gotten me into a tizzy and I was livid with Samara.
“Who the fuck was she? Here I am coming up for this important talk about our relationship and I find some skanky bitch in your bed?” Samara cried.
“You know what? You can get the fuck out too, that’s what you can do. You and your bullshit … can fuck off. I’ve had enough of your lies, your high school bloody drama in my life!” I said pushing the elevator button excessively.


“What?! What are you saying…?” she said as tears and blood flowed down her cheeks.
“You heard me, what ever you thought we had … it’s over. In fact! It never started Samara. You were an easy lay and that’s how you were supposed to stay…” I said sarcastically as the doors opened.
“I’m not leaving. You need to talk to me about this. Were supposed to be a couple…”
“Are you that stupid…?” I said grabbing her arm as she pulled it back.
“Look I came here to tell you I was pregnant. You know for the last time we met. Don’t you even care about that?” she asked. AND that was it. I saw red. It was like everything that had happened to me today boiled right to this point.
“GET OUT!” I screamed as loudly as I could. She folded her arms and stood there like a brat and shook her head. By this point I was out of control and nearly fuming so I grabbed Samara by her waist and lifted her in the elevator and pushed the down button.


Samara thought it was a big joke until I announced,
“You know there are single mothers every day in the UK. If I was to choose a mother for my first born … It would not be you! So fucking deal with it. Because I refuse to DEAL with you ever again. And I mean it. Don’t ever come to the Hyatt grounds or I will have you arrested…” I said pointing directly in her face. She cried and wailed shortly before her frown turned to complete rage.


She swiped my face hard and whispered,
“You’re going to pay for this I swear…” As the elevator dinged she stepped out backwards and fell straight on her ass almost deliberately,
“HELP!!!! HELP!!!…” she hollered before she shielded herself on the ground crying hysterically. I came out of the elevator wondering what the fuck she was doing before I watched her try to scramble away from me in fear,
“PLEASE DON”T LET HIM HURT ME, SEAN PLEASE…. I can’t take it anymore.”
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” I said looking around embarrassed.
“Don’t hit me. I can’t take another beating. I’m going to pass out…” I looked around at Patrons and desk clerk who were concerned straight away.


“Security, get this fucking mental case out of my hotel, RIGHT NOW!” I hollered through the main foyer.
“I’m calling the cops Sean. I can’t take this anymore…” when the guards didn’t jump straight away I looked at them angrily,
“What are you guys doing? Escort this woman off the premises right away!” It was as if they didn’t want to but they ushered Samara through the doors while she tried to act protected by them.
“You’re a fucking daft bint Samara. Get in your car and FUCK THE HELL OFF OUT OF MY LIFE!” I yelled at her. Samara nearly pleaded at me at first but then screamed abuse consistently as if she was trying to kill time. Then all of a sudden blue and red lights flashed from a distant road.
“All you women abusers get what they deserve! I hope you’re happy!” she said. I was mad and I couldn’t help but scream at her more. I was out of control … and I knew it. No one had ever made me as mad as I felt right now. All my anger between Victoria, Pammie and now Samara had built to his moment.
“You dozy fucking cow. I HATE YOU!” I knew what it was like to be hated after today. And I wanted her to feel as low as I did. The cops got out of their cars and Samara ran to them with her bloodied face screaming lies at them. Her voice was frantic and believable and I stood there laughing at the idiot. It was a big joke to me and I couldn’t actually believe this was all happening.


“Are you Sean? We’ve had reports …” One of the officers said.
“YEH I know, false ones. She’s off her fucking rocker. Look at her officer, she’s obviously not all there,” I said nearly laughing.
“Look we’d like you to come with us…” one officer gestured.
“Eh no. Do you even know who I am? I’m not going anywhere with you. I’ve done nothing wrong!” I said stepping beside the police man.
“Don’t let him do this to me again officer,” Samara said over his shoulder.
“AYE! You shut up you slag. Fuck off home…”
“Sir… if you don’t mind?” the officer said once more. I was still irrate at Samara and I was not in a mood to do anything. Especially when I was innocent of all her mental accusations.
“YES, YES I do bloody mind. That woman belongs in a psychiatric ward. And I’m not going anywhere…” I announced firmly.
“Right sir,” the police man said pushing me forward and grabbing my arm forcibly. “If you’re not going to co-operate…” I didn’t know what had come over me. I struggled against his arm and turned to him.
“ARREST HER!!! This is an outrage…” The second one tried to grab me again before I pushed them both away with some force.


“Get off me!” I got angrier and angrier pushing them away and I was able to overpower them every time before one of the officers tripped me and kneeled on my back bringing my arms to the middle.



When I was cuffed I was brought to my feet when I felt a thousand white flashes in my eyes all of a sudden. I watched Samara talk to her paparazzi willingly before I yelled out,
“IT’S ALL LIES!!! IT’S ALL LIES!!! ….oh c’mon don’t do this!” I said pulling away from the officer.
“Guys guys… GET BETH, GET BETH!!!!!” I screamed towards the security guards at the door before I was marched to the nearby police car.


How on earth did this happen?

14 thoughts on “Chapter 55

      1. No, she is going to be a stalker of a different kind. She going to try and make his life a living hell. She already started by getting him arrested. She told him she was pregnant, too. That was just an attempt to get him back. I don’t think she is pregnant.


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