Chapter 56

Mother Will Handle It

I sat with my head lowered in the car and wondered how I had let myself get so out of control. I could still feel myself fuming but with so many thoughts racing though my head, I couldn’t even tell what was upsetting me the most. The entire day had been a nightmare, I should have known that it would boil down to a disaster. Three women in one day and all event with them had ended incredibly bad. First with Victoria, then Pammie, and finally Samara. I had actually came to a decision in this moment that I was over women for a while. They came with too much drama, too much hurt and lately … and career killing if I included Josie.

I never fought the whole way to the station, and happily co-operated while they took me in. I went quietly because I knew I had resisted back at the Hyatt and I didn’t need any more trouble. I just wanted to see Beth or even Pammie to get me out of this misunderstanding.


I was placed in a small holding cell with a few other men who were drunk or sleeping on a bench and actually felt disgusted to be here, since I was no criminal.
“Oy, when do I get a phone call or talk to someone about this mistake?”
“They will be right with you for questioning. They are just talking to Miss Becke as we speak…” The officer explained.
“Oh great,” I explained. I knew she would be putting on a sob story and telling lies and playing a great victim while I was locked in here with a mob of scumbags. I kept my distance and stayed towards the front of the cell and avoided any eye contact with the other men. This was completely degrading and every minute in the cell felt like an eternity.


I had watched nearly every minute go by and it wasn’t til 45 minutes later I heard my name called,
“Hyatt. C’mon…” I man said firmly. As I passed through the holding cells I was directed off to a side room where I was gestured to sit down. After taking a seat I sat quiet until spoken to,
“So we have a statement from Miss Becke. Can you tell us what happened tonight?”
“A big bloody misunderstanding that’s what it is. I had a lady friend over for a few drinks and went to get a drink from the bar and came back to Miss Becke and my friend fighting in my hotel apartment. I escorted Miss Becke out and she got quite volatile after I dismissed an apparent pregnancy. She acted really really crazy after this and it got completely out of hand. I did not hit the woman though. She was a little banged up after fighting with my friend.”
“Can you give me the name and possible contact number of this other friend? It would be helpful to get a statement from her…” he asked.


After exchanging her details to the officer he got up to make a call. Less than 5 minutes later he shook his head,
“I can’t get hold of your friend via this number. But if your story doesn’t check out, domestic violencet is a serious offence Mr Hyatt …” And just as he said that I heard a knock at the door. Before he got to answer it my mother barged into the room opening her arms to hug me before kissing my cheek.


She turned around sternly,
“Now I have paid a ridiculous amount of money to see my son freed back to his home for the night. You can come and do your questioning tomorrow…”
“Mrs Hyatt, we understand. But your son has some serious offences against him,” the officer said pointing at me.
“My son is not a woman beater. That Samara Becke has a screw loose. I will ensure you that he will remain at the Hyatt grounds until you come by again tomorrow after you have some evidence that he didn’t do this…” she said standing by me, “ Look at him there is not a mark on him, no blood or broken skin on his knuckles from any kind of abuse. I think you have locked up the wrong person…” she continued.


“We are forced to keep him over night until his story checks out…” he replied.
“Right! I’m getting a lawyer…” My mother said angrily pulling out her phone. The two officers looked at each other for a moment and announced that they were leaving the room. My mum snarled in the officers direction annd hugged me once more,
“Beth is out in the waiting area, she called me from here and I came down as quickly as I could. Oh my god Sean what happened?” she asked.
“There was a fight in my room between Samara and a lady friend of mine. It escalated to just one false accusation after another. And Pammie refuses to answer her phone. I cannot stay here mother…” I pleaded.
“Don’t you worry I will fix this…” she said rubbing my shoulder before exiting the room.

About 10 minutes later, the officers came back in,
“Okay Mr Hyatt you’re free to go. We will be contacting Mrs Cromwell, but you are restricted to the Hyatt grounds until further questioning…”
“Thank you officer…” I said getting up from my chair. As soon as I hit the waiting room after gathering my belongings Beth saw me come out and hugged me.


“Of all the nights I decided to go home early, this happens. Oh the drama…” I could only roll my eyes at her for a moment before realising I dodged a bullet. I was going to get cleared, and the minute I was … a restraining order was going in place against Samara. Hopefully HER lies will be exposed for all to see. But first I had to deal with the wrath of the media attention from the night’s events. And that was going to be crushing.

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