Chapter 57

She’s Delusional

I laid low for a few days and almost did absolutely nothing. I was restricted to the grounds, and the police had still not gotten hold of Pammie. And neither could I. As a last resort I gave them the address to Major hotels for questioning because I wondered where the fuck she had gotten to. She was obviously mad at me … and I had no idea why, when I only felt that I was honest with her at the time of all the madness. But it finally came to my attention, that Rose had found her phone under the side of her bed completely flat. Even though the police had her address now, I decided to ring Major hotels to see if I could get hold of her myself. As soon as I called, I was put though to reception.
“Hello Major Hotels, how may I help you today?” It was her. It was Victoria. I nearly wanted to hang the phone up, “Hello anyone there?” she asked.
“Yes, I was wondering if I could speak to a guest.” She didn’t recognise my voice at first, but I actually didn’t want her to. It was then I realised I should have had Beth make the call.
“Mrs Cromwell. I’m not 100% sure what room she is in. But I do know she is staying there…”
“Okay well if you could give me your name, I will give her a call and put you though…” she said politely.


“Uhm. It’s Sean Hyatt…” I said wincing and hoping she wouldn’t scream down the phone.
“Are you bloody serious?” she said in a surprised tone. “You will stop at nothing, won’t you?” she finished.
“Look Victoria don’t make this about you. Please check your guests and put me through to Mrs Cromwell…” I said rudely.


“I will leave a message with her. Thank you for calling Mr Hyatt.” She said before I heard the dial tone in my ear. She had no idea about the seriousness of my call, and it frustrated me that I couldn’t just go to Major hotels myself. If I didn’t hear back from the police today about Pammie I was going to send Beth there.

As another day came I became impatient and called Beth up to my room to get her to run and errand for me. I began to think that perhaps Victoria hadn’t put my message through. Beth came up to my room and had a pile of books in her arms. She passed each of them on the table one by one. They weren’t books they were magazines. And on the front page of all of them … there was Samara and me on the covers stating the abuse, cheating, and that I was locked up and arrested.


There was even convincing pregnancy stories amongst it. Headlines included that I beat a pregnant woman. I rolled my eyes and just shook my head.
“I never ever got to sit down with her properly before everything went to shit. I didn’t get to be rational or let her down easy. It was actually probably the worst thing I’ve ever done. I don’t think I’ve ever treated a woman like that Beth…”
“Are you seriously feeling sorry for Samara now? You know she’s a right nutter…”
“These headlines aren’t about to change. And I’m just frustrated.”
“Well your board meeting is at 1pm anyway. Was there anything I can do for you?” she asked. I nodded and sighed out,
“Find Pammie. She’s either at OK! Or at Major hotels. The cops are useless and I’m sick of being stuck here…” I replied.


“Consider it done, but … I have messages. I have 3 from your mother, she did pop by yesterday evening but you were asleep. I also have a message from David, and several messages from Samara would you believe? I haven’t answered them but she has left many voice mails…” Beth said with a crooked smile.
“You’re kidding?” I asked. “Let me borrow your phone. If I’m rational with her she might go and drop these ridiculous charges.” I said before Beth handed over the phone to me.


“Just be calm. Okay? I’ll have my other phone with me. I’ll speak with you later…” I waved to her and pressed the phone against my ear.
“Hello Beth?” I heard her say on the other end.
“It’s not Beth, its Sean….”
“Sean?” she said and remained quiet for a minute, “So have you called to apologise to me?” she asked. There was not a chance in hell that would ever happen, but I still bit my tongue to keep the peace.
“I never got to have the conversation I wanted to have with you. I wanted to tell you that I had moved on from our fun. That I had been seeing other people and that we could settle things that never really begun… but REALLY I’m wondering why are you still calling me? You had me locked up like a criminal Samara, how do you ever think I’m going to get past that?”


“Okay I was emotional. I didn’t know who the woman was. And I was hurt.”
“I understand that you may have been hurt …but this is career and reputation killing for me. I am stuck here under house arrest until I can undo all of this. It’s only a matter of time until they find Pammie and clear the story up. Everything you have said to the cops and the press is untrue. And you will be charged for the false allegations against me. It’s not too late to make the wrong things right…”
“If you give me another chance, I will drop all the charges. I love you. I can’t live without you Sean…” she said beginning to sob on the other end of the call.
“You how I feel Samara. I’ve moved on from this. I suggest you do the same…” I said before hanging up.

She was delusional and completely did not understand what she had done.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 57

  1. This girl is mental. She really needs help. Sean and her both need to see a psychiatrist. Sean is getting a little payback for all the women he has slept with and dump like a piece of garbage on the street.
    Happy birthday to your sons. How old are they?
    I am sorry about your lost. My prayers are with you and your family.


    1. HA … yeah shes a bit mental. lol. I mean he definitely could do with some counselling … but doesnt have a screw loose like her. If you hadnt noticed yet SAMARA has some kind of bipolar disease. Angry one minute, nice the next … and has soooo many issues.

      BUT ON the other hand. i meant to say my son’s (just one) he was 6… he had a beautiful day and was truly spoilt. we were all able to find tons of laughs and happy smiles thru all the grief thats been lingering about our family. thankyou so much for caring xxx 🙂


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