Chapter 06



I had been job searching for more than a week and I naturally thought I would have landed one a lot sooner. I had a really fantastic job last time I was in London at a local newspaper, but that did not seem to be an option for me anymore. Back in Leeds I worked for a women’s Magazine and I loved writing for it. I applied for several magazines and papers in my local district and I was getting no return calls back for an interview. With all my experience and my degree in university, it was beginning to mean squat because no one would take me.

Oh god please don’t make me grovel back to my mothers!


I thought that perhaps the only way to go about it was to phone around and see if people had positions that needed my kind of expertise with writing. I wrote a list of magazines down that I saw headlining stands in London … down to the lowest and unpopular ones. I spent about an hour on the phone saying the same thing and getting the same answers. Until I called a gossip magazine that wasn’t as popular as others. It was the type of magazine where you knew all the head lines were completely untrue and full of garbage. I sighed while I waited on the phone until a man spoke to me about a position.
“Actually I’ve had a really bad run this month and I’ve had two of my writers leave on maternity leave. If you could come in for an interview tomorrow … I might trial you out …” he said. My head rose up from the table and I was overjoyed.
“Excellent. Uhm, what time would you like me to come?”
“9am. I’ll see you then Mrs Cromwell…” he said before the line went dead. I couldn’t help but fist pump in the air and spin around on my seat. It wasn’t my desired position but a job was a job and I was grateful.


The following day I turned up prompt and formal for my interview with the boss of OK! Magazine. I was nervous because I hated job interviews. I just hoped he would take a look at my resume and just give me the position without giving me random questions that put me on the spot.
“Pamela Cromwell?” A woman called out from her desk.
“I’m Pam Cromwell…” I smiled walking up to the reception.
“Mr Rivers will see you now,” she said pointing to the elevator to her right. “It’s on the top floor…” she finished. I took the elevator up and as the doors parted it revealed quite a lavish office.
“Welcome Mrs Cromwell…” he said walking over to shake my hand, “Please take a seat.” I sat down and pulled out a folder in my bag and slid it across the desk while he flicked through my work history, my degree and some of the work I had done in previous work places. We sat in silence for more than 5 minutes and he sat back in his chair casually tapping the paper and often going back and forth chewing a pen.


“Okay. I think we can use you Pam. Look I will give you a trial period of three months…”
“That would be fantastic!” I said excitedly.
“Well I have an interview I so direly need. I’ve seen stories on this woman for the last month but I can’t get an interview from her boyfriend. I need a writer and a reporter that just has that get up and get the story … you know?” he said leaning forward.
“I completely understand.”
“Do you know who Samara Becke is?” he asked.
“Hmmm not really familiar with her, but I’m sure I will know everything there is know about her by the end of the day…” I said confidently.
“Well she is dating Hotel Tycoon Sean Hyatt. And No one can seem to get an interview to talk to him. He is not a difficult person to find … but a difficult person to get an interview with. I need you to gather some ideas for an interview and try and get a hold of this guy…” I froze for a moment at the sound of his name. I couldn’t even react properly. I gulped down down and felt my heart beat fast.


Who was this girl? And why did I have this jealous feeling in the pit of my stomach?

Mr Rivers had just offered me a job. Could I really turn down my first assignment when I was on a trial period?

“Respectfully Mr Rivers. There is a bit of a conflict of interest here for me…” I said not wanting to go into my romantic past.
“Conflict?” he asked.
“I am excited to work I really am, but…” I started before I noticed his face begin to tense up and frown. “But … uhm err … I can’t wait to start it, thank you very much…” I said cowardly. It wasn’t what I wanted to say, but I couldn’t risk having a bad first day by rejecting my first task here.
“Okay well I will get you to sign a few things and then Luisa will take you to your work station and to meet some of the team…” Mr Rivers said gathering some papers from a filing cabinet a few feet away from his desk.


I knew I could get the interview for my job, but I was not ready to see Sean Hyatt.

15 thoughts on “Chapter 06

  1. Oh poor thing. This sounds like bad news…for her and Sean!

    I had a nice chuckle in the beginning because a long time ago I had a small role in my friend’s indie film, and I only had one line that I said like 5 times: “Mr. Rivers will see you now.” LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really wanted to comment on the last chapter but I wasn’t able to. I do hope you don’t mind if I combine the comments. I liked that we now found out more about Pammie. I always thought Sean always held some regrets about not continuing in a relationship with her and I was happy to see that she was back.

    She needed to leave that husband of hers a long time before now. After the first time that he hit her that should have been it. I’m betting that man is the reason they couldn’t have kids and I am glad they never did. If she did she would have had a life long connection to that son of a bitch and now all she has to do is divorce him and be rid of him. I’m guessing this is easier said than done.

    I really don’t know why she went back to him after spending three weeks with Sean. He always knew how to romance a lady and treat her right. After receiving some good attention from a good man, I have no idea why she would return to an abusive relationship. Than again domestic violence victims are usually manipulated by their abuser so that is probably the reason. I just hope she never returns to that man.

    I was hoping that the magazine that wanted to interview Sean was the one she was going to work for and sure enough it was. This could be a whole new life for her. Maybe running into Sean will rekindle that flame and she won’t have a reason to go back.

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