Chapter 61

Will She Ever Forgive Me?

I was pretty sure I was being followed by someone but I was determined to get to the bottom of Pammie’s disappearance. I had to play along with Samara’s bullshit to see if I could scope out her place to see if anything suspicious was going on. I overpaid the taxi driver and paid him before I got out so I could get into Samara’s house before a cop latched hold of me and dragged my ass back to the Hyatt. I bolted up to her call box and I could hear her excitement over the intercom as I pressed the button.


“Seanny? What are you doing here…?”
“I’ve come to talk about the baby Samara.” I still was unsure about whether her pregnancy rumours were true, so I knew it would be a good leading chat for her not to be suspicious about why I was there.
“The doors open. Come in.” she said. As soon as I came in she smiled at me but I was unwilling to accommodate any of her advances as she seemed to want to hug me. “I’m so glad you came around. I knew you would want to talk about the baby with me like adults. Being cruel to me isn’t like you Sean…” she said.
“But you being cruel to me is? I am under house arrest Samara and everywhere I go I’m called a woman beater. The magazines have had a field day with this for days and days. When is this going to stop?” I said feeling anger well up within me.


“I know this looks bad for you, and I know what went down that night. But it’s done now. Can’t we just move on Sean?” she asked.
“So it’s okay to kill my career but not your image, right?” I said feeling rage in fists as I pressed my nails into my palms.
“Tell me what I can do to get you back. And I’ll do it…” she said lining the collar of my shirt. I stepped away from her and scoffed at her demands.
“I could never trust you again Samara. You never had me from the start. We dated a few times, hooked up a few times … but I never said we were official. That was all in your head. I don’t know if you have seen my record love, but I haven’t had a girlfriend since I was about 20.” I said shaking my head.
“But don’t you think the baby deserves a family?” she asked.
“Look lets go and get a drink and sit down in the living room and chat a bit OK?” Samara smiled happily and i looked around trying to find an excuse to get away.
“I’m just gonna head to the bathroom, I’ll see you in there.”
“NO! No… you can’t,” she panicked. The seriousness in her eyes changed and she was beginning to fidget, “I’m having renovations at the moment. The toilet does not work  … you will have to use my en-suite,” she said pointing the way. I nodded as if nothing was up, but I knew I had to get into that other bathroom somehow. She followed me into her bedroom and I turned for the door,
“I’d love a glass of red wine…” She nodded nervously before turning away and heading towards her kitchen area.

Fortunately Samara’s en-suite bathroom was two way and the other side led to another room in the house.


I opened the door slightly and peeked into the hall sliding my body through quickly and walked quietly into the ‘renovated’ bathroom. Immediately I was shell shocked to what I saw. I placed my hands over my mouth at first to not shriek in utter shock.


Pammie was beaten in a bathtub but unrestrained and her photographer friend was tied to some piping that came from the bathroom sink.


They were both completely unresponsive. I locked the door behind me and dashed over to Pammie patting her cheek.
“Oh Pammie, Pammie… Pammie… Darling Wake up?” I said going to feel for a pulse. With my other free hand I was calling the cops and giving them the address quietly to Samara’s apartment telling them about Pammie and this being a kidnapping situation. Pammie barely had a pulse. It was thready and very slow. She was pale and cold and I squeezed her hand and tried to rouse her up and she quietly grunted.


“Help is coming love. Okay?” I was on my knees and I scooted across the floor to check on her friend. He seemed to be in the same situation as Pammie. But my worry and panic had boiled over. I had to react. I got up from the floor and I flung back the door.
“SAMARA!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, “SAMARA!?” I yelled again when I didn’t hear anything. I checked her kitchen and living room and there was literally no sign of her. I rushed around the house thinking she was hiding behind something, but it had finally occurred to me that she must have heard my panic echo in the bathroom and she had fled.


I went back to the bathroom and sat with Pam monitoring her until the sirens in the distance came to help. I felt helpless watching them take her. I jumped in my waiting taxi and decided to head to the hospital to sit by her side to make sure she was alright and that she would pull through this ordeal. But in the bottom of my gut I felt responsible for all of this. If i had never been involved with Samara, none of this would have ever happened.

I hoped Pammie could forgive me for this.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 61

  1. Pammie wouldn’t blame you? Sean!!! But I wonder if she’ll pull through. She looks bad. Samara needs to rot for this!!!


  2. I like this psycho Samara. She’s fun. I wonder how she planned to dispose of the bodies, had she managed to kill them. But I don’t think she’s actually much of a planner. 😁
    Happy to see you back.


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