Chapter 65

Hard Headed Woman

For three days straight I didn’t leave Pam’s floor. I was dying to leave and get some fresh air, but I was isolated because she was really anxious. I suggested that she go and see a doctor to get some kind of treatment, but she always assured me that it would pass. I wanted to respect her wishes and hoped it was a momentary thing. In the past three days we binged a couple shows on TV and watched about 10 movies. I had a different kind of loyalty to her considering I still felt at fault for all this.


On the fourth day, I woke up to my new phone dinging. I knew it could only be one person, because she was the only person with my number. I rolled over and read,
“I’m up, comin’ over?” It was beginning to feel like Groundhog Day. It almost felt like I was falling to some kind of slow depression because I had done nothing. Even though I was being of use to her, I still felt useless. I  slicked my hair back with my fingers and went over to her room barefoot knowing it would be another Netflix marathon. Pammie must have heard my door unlock because I heard her door swing open.
“How do you roll out of bed looking this good every day?” she asked. I shrugged and rubbed my eyes before pointing to her kettle,
“I’ll be brighter after some tea sweetheart…” I said roaming inside and grabbing a tea cup before flicking the power point on, “How did you sleep?” I said mid yawn.


“You look better,” I said turning to her noticing her bruises had faded more and she was mainly left with yellow and purple remnants of what was darker days before.
“I got a call from my boss, he wants me to write the Samara ordeal and send it to print ASAP. I mean it all happened to me right? I should be the one to write instead of people speculating…”
“You haven’t been coping well though Pam. Are you sure you’re ready?” I asked.
“I think it’s something I have to do. I think I have to put it all down on paper and get it out. It might be the start of a good healing process for me.” she said looking excited about it. I figured we could only stay indoors for so long before we got stir crazy but it didn’t stop me feeling a little concerned for her. “So uhm the boss wants me to come in today for a few hours. Would you mind dropping me off?”
“Yeah I can, and you will just have to message me when you want me to come and grab you. I just want you to be extra cautious because they haven’t caught Samara yet…”
“I’ll be careful. But I was hoping to get dressed and organised and get going if that was okay?” she asked. The tea hadn’t even finished but I was nodding at her.
“I might throw on some better clothes, and meet you back here in half hour then,” I said.

My time here at Major hotels looked like it was going to be shorter than I thought. I figured once Pammie went back to work, she would continue her days going to and from work because her article was bound to be a must read success for her. I had nothing now, it was as if Pam was my only thing to do. As I shaved in the mirror I pictured myself on the bed watching tv and doing nothing waiting for life to happen, or at least wait 3 months til my suspension was over.


I didn’t know what to do with myself … I had always worked, and never really had a day off in my life. I didn’t even have any real hobbies to speak of because between working, I was either at a gym or chasing skirts. They weren’t really hobbies, they were more lifestyle choices.

Once I was ready, I went over the Pam’s room and she was ready to go. I went down to the lobby and looked around for Victoria, but again she wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

After dropping Pam off I went back to the hotel and sat in the bar area with a strong tea. I had my phone with me and I contemplated ringing Beth. She was the person I had come to rely on the most in the last few months, but after everything that happened … I turned the screen off as I heard hard high heels storming across the lobby.


“How was court?” I heard one of the desk clerks say.
“It’s done…” I heard Victoria say. “That bitch has ruined everything. I am his daughter! And she was married to him. She was supposed to want the things he wanted and that I wanted…” I heard her say with a creak in her voice. “But all she wanted once he was gone was the money. I can’t even pay her out to own this hotel on my own. She is entitled to 1/3 of the money we get for it. I don’t want to sell …” she said now crying.


My heart went out to her. Obviously she had been fighting in court to keep this hotel against her step mother who had no intentions to run it with her.
“How long do we have?” The clerk said.
“6 months. 3.7 mil in 6 months… I’m already nearly half that in debt. The banks won’t look at me… There is just no hope,” she sobbed. I knew I could come in and offer to buy her out which would solve all her problems, but I knew it wouldn’t end well. She was in this amount of debt a few weeks ago … and I got thrown in a pond, so there was no offer I could make to Victoria to help her. I heard her huff out loud and her steps came into the bar room. I was sitting in the back corner and she didn’t see me when I saw her go up to her bar,
“Give me something alcoholic…” she said defeated. I turned my watch on my wrist and noticed it was only 10:45am. I decided to slip out of the bar room while her back was turned because I knew she would know that I heard everything. As much as I wanted to hear her rant to the bar man, I retreated back to my room at least til lunchtime and casually come out to see if she had recovered from this morning’s blow.

I had planned coming back in an hour’s time, but I must have nodded off to sleep at it was 2:30. I expected Victoria to be at the desk but I curiously went into the bar in case she was there. She had her head on the bar with her eyes closed and she was circling a glass over and over while it made a high pitch chiming sound.
“Pour me another …” she slurred. I didn’t know whether it was wise to approach her while she was drunk. Only because she was feisty when she was sober, being drunk could be Victoria times two.

Just be cool, keep your mouth shut, be casual.


“Can I please have a scotch,” I asked the bar man politely. Victoria took her head off the bar and looked at me. I smiled at her feeling a lump form in throat suddenly. Her eyes were red, her makeup was ruined, and she just had the look of heartbreak on her face.
I cautiously took a seat beside her and she sat up straight still looking at me. I couldn’t make eye contact with her because I knew fire was coming, I could feel it. Finally when I sipped my drink I turned towards her. I watched tears well in her eyes and her lower lip quivered. It was as if she wanted to say something but couldn’t.
“Everything ok Victoria?” I asked cautiously.
“Your dad’s dead right? You wanna make dad proud and stuff? I mean that’s all I wanted to do…” she cried. I winced for a moment at her choice of words, but knew what she was trying to get at. “I think it’s all about location, location, location. He should have bought a big one like your dad in London. You know … your dad wouldn’t be ashamed… of Mr Sean Hyatt. Oh nooo…” she said sarcastically.


“You would be surprised. I have always had the best intentions for my dad’s legacy only to disappoint myself and my family…” Victoria cried again. My hand instantly reached for her, but with Victoria you just never knew if you were about to get your head bitten off or … your hand if you tried to touch her. So I slumped my hand down by my side and ignored it as best as I could. Victoria was the only woman who intimidated me. She was the only woman who made me feel so excited, scared, and in love more than anyone else. I went for her shoulder again and touched her hair. It was soft and washed and it prompted her to turn toward me.
“Don’t cry…” I said untwisting hair beautiful red hair from my fingers.
“You know nothing about my misery Sean,” she sobbed again before standing. She leaned on her hand for moment to gain composure but lost balance and I instinctively went to catch her.
“I don’t need your help. OKAY!” she said pushing off me and trying to stand up straight. I saw her knees wobble and she tumbled towards the tables and clung onto one before heading to the lobby.


I looked back at the bar man and he shrugged and smiled,
“I’ll get her…” I got up and in the meantime the clerk was trying to hold onto Victoria and was struggling to keep herself up as well. Victoria was like a dead weight and stumbled forward and into the stairs letting go of the desk clerk and passed out.
“I don’t think patrons should see her like this. Do you have a key to her room?”
“Yes…” the clerk replied. I grabbed Victoria and held her until the clerk pushed the elevator button for us to go up only one floor.


“I’m Sean Hyatt…” I said while we waited for the elevator to close.
“I know who you are … I’m Daphne. I’m the receptionist here and one of Victoria’s friends… Thank you for grabbing her like this. She’s had a tough morning,” she smiled.
“Even the bosses have bad days…” I said politely.

When we arrived to her room Daphne opened the lock and pushed her door open for me. I looked around and the room was nearly as nice as Pammie’s. Victoria had been staying in a room here just like her customers. I gently placed Victoria on her bed and looked at Daphne concerned,
“Is there anyone to watch her? She drunk… and passed out. She shouldn’t be on her own…”
“I’ll stay here with her. Can you go to the barman and get him to run the desk til I can rouse Victoria up to maybe have a drink of water or a shower…” They were that under staffed that badly there were no more than three people here at one time to run the place.
“Of course…” I stared down at Victoria once more knowing she needed me. She was just that damn hard headed to admit it.

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  1. She really lost it. I wonder if there is any meat Seam can still help her out? Hmmmm. Well, he thinks he’s in love with her. Maybe it’s just the chase and once he catches her, it’ll be different.


      1. Hopefully he will find his path. This is a man that’s had a load of good and hasn’t had to try hard. I think everyone wants to see him work hard for something

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