Chapter 07

Where’s The Courage?


If I knew Sean Hyatt like I thought I did … he wasn’t really in a relationship. He was just seeing her so he could date other people too. He was a player back in high school, he’s been a player over all the years and STILL doing it. I would have come to think that he was over that and wanted to settle down.

After an exhausting hour up and down elevators and getting the grand tour of OK! Magazine’s office I was finally shown to my work station.


 It was time to find out who this Samara Becke was. I typed her name straight into google and as I thought she was some leggy model. Just his type. And barely legal too …

Jeez Sean.

I had no idea why I ever thought that I was important. He sure made me feel that way. I just had to know now whether it was part of his game or whether he actually cared for me. I shook the idea out of my head because I was beyond this. It had been too long and I didn’t want to delve into my past about something that never continued. It must have been music to his ears when his day to leave came along. I was beginning to feel a little angry about it … and I couldn’t believe that these thoughts were continuously coming up in my head when I was trying to shake them out. It was so obvious… I was jealous.


  Like insanely jealous.

Player or not Sean had treated me like I had always wanted to be treated. It didn’t matter whether it was fake … because it felt beautiful and being with him was like being in a movie. And I was completely envious of this Samara Becke, even though she looked like a right little tart.


 I saw pictures of him with her and boy did he still make me swoon. I sat back in my chair and just stared at the screen for a moment just thinking about him.

I’m gonna melt like a bloody fool when I see him.

I had to focus on the resentment I had lingering in the back of my thoughts. I had to play hard ball. I had to get this interview that no one else could get to prove my place here. Sean would do this for old time’s sake I knew it.
“What a stupid little twit…” I muttered to myself reading the stories on my computer about Samara.

She’s an utter nut case!

The stories went on and on and she had only been 18 years old for 6 months and had a romantic past with already 5 men. She definitely didn’t waste time, and if my calculations were correct … it would seem that their so called relationship was due to expire if it was anything like her previous ones. I knew I could sit here all day just reading up rubbish or just go and actually get the interview. So I pushed out from my seat and headed back downstairs to reception.
“I’m headed off to Hyatt hotels…” I said waving the receptionist goodbye.


 I decided I would catch a taxi to the Hyatt because I wasn’t sure what bus went that way. I had to think of questions I might ask him when I saw him. But I had no ideas whatsoever. I was sure i would just be a muddled hot mess.

Once I got to the Hyatt, I stood out the front just wanting to turn around and run. I didn’t see this happening the minute I got back to London. I actually wanted a bit of peace but somehow I felt like a storm was brewing. I walked in the double doors and saw a large double door open from the side and there was Sean hooking arms with a black haired woman. They looked awfully friendly, but I stayed out of sight hidden behind a lobby pillar while I pulled out my phone.


Maybe I was too gutless for the interview right now but this picture was going to make a great gossip story. I snapped three or four photos of him kissing her, whispering in her ear and tugging at her hand toward the elevator. As soon as he disappeared, I sat on the lobby lounge and felt defeated.


Why didn’t I just go and confront him and get it over with? The day was gonna come eventually. RIGHT?

3 thoughts on “Chapter 07

    1. After all this, Pammie is a little bit of a doormat. I mean not many would stand for Sean Hyatt and his antics. But yes you can tell there are some OLD nostalgic feelings.Its just a matter of all these old feelings could carry them into a future or not together.


  1. Hmm, I’m still fresh to this story but yeah, she does care for him. He definitely is a player though so it might be best for her to move on and forward…which is made difficult by her job now >.<

    Liked by 1 person

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