Chapter 76

Dinner Or Date?

“And here you were a couple hours back fretting about Victoria, and I come back from the shops and you already got yourself a date … and now your back to fretting about the date in a few hours…” Beth said.
“Yeah I am. I mean it’s not a date, But you should have seen her. She was falling all over herself just as bad I normally do. I don’t know. I think she kinda likes me,” I shrugged not feeling sure of myself like I normally would.
“Just it keep it business. I’m sure she would have snapped out of whatever she was doing.”
“So are you going to go pack up tonight?” I asked Beth.
“Yeah. But I think you should talk about it tonight with the other boss. I mean I can live rent free? This is awesome. Of course I was taking it.”


“Well I have looked at the layout, there is 25 rooms, and 5 staff residences. I guess I’ll be changing rooms soon,” I said looking around the room.
“Just put me at a good distance from your room. I don’t need to be the middle room of your midnight shagging noises and wall shaking…”
“I’ll have you know I haven’t wall shaked anything in months!” I said proudly. Beth opened her mouth shocked and slapped the back of her palm on my head,
“Are you ill?” she joked.
“No. Just in love. But I guess if that’s what you call ill, then I got it bad…” I smiled.
“Oh god you really are all gushy in love aren’t you Sean?” Beth smiled.
“Yeah… I mean I told you a while back…” I replied.
“Yeah but you were still fucking half of London back then too, how was I supposed to take you seriously?” I shrugged and walked over to my closet and held up ties to her. “The red…” Beth said pointing to it.
“Okay you bugger off and go pack your place up tonight, I gotta get my head together. And go meet Victoria.”


“Ok good luck. I’ll see you tomorrow…” Beth said struggling off the lounge. I opened the door for her and she smiled saying goodbye again on the way out.

I was nervous. It wasn’t even a date, but I felt giddy and light headed. I decided to take the stairs and make my way to the lobby slowly because I thought I might be able to breathe out some nerves before I got there. I was at the top of the stairs and I could hear voices in the lobby. I knew one was Victoria’s straight away.
“You look really pretty…” Dahpne said.
“Do you think he will like it?”
“So YOU are trying to look good for him!” she said surprised.



“No, no. Not really. I don’t know. I haven’t been out with any man in a long time. Even if it is business. Oh god save me Daph. Maybe this is a bad idea. I mean last week I felt all sorts of different emotions, but now I just don’t know.”
“I mean the guy loves you Vic. What do you feel?”
“I feel like I might have been trying to hide my feelings. I think… I want this to be business but …”
“But you wanna be wined and dined by Sean Hyatt? See what all them gossip magazines are talking about right? Oh c’mon he is one of London’s most eligible bachelors Victoria. He is gorgeous as all hell… don’t you at least think he is attractive?” she asked.
“Yes he is very handsome. And shhh… don’t say anything but I did see him without a shirt the other day. And I could barely sit still… I just about wet myself.” I giggled into my hand and shushed myself feeling insanely confident.


“This is too much Daph. I can’t do this. This is about my hotel. I didn’t go into business with Sean Hyatt to date him. I just knew he could help me. And he needed this… It was just time. When he was in business and in a good place with the Hyatt, I found his power really unnerving and his whole persona just arrogant. But to see him not all them things, I like this Sean better than the person he was. I guess that’s what changed my mind.”
“Not the fact that the guy loves you?”
“Not the fact he loves me. Just want us to be successful. So Yeah. Yeah … I think I should go change and put on something conservative so I don’t ruin it…” As soon as I heard her say that I skipped down the stairs as if I was just entering the room.
“Hey are you ready?” I said just as Victoria had her back turned leaving towards the elevator.
“Uh yeah, I was just getting my purse.” She smiled. I couldn’t help but look at her from behind. She was gorgeous. She always looked gorgeous but when she wore form fitting clothing it made me swoon like a teenage boy.


“So where are we off to?” she asked re-entering the room. She was relaxed though her voice had a pitch that had a nervousness about it.
“Just the Ritz. Nothing too special tonight…” Victoria’s eyes widened.
“Just the Ritz? I am not really dressed for the Ritz!” Victoria gasped.
“Oh don’t be silly, you look stunning…”
“Oh no Sean, I have to wear something a little more formal than this. It’s the Ritz. It takes months to get in there and its suit and tie dress code…” She said seemingly surprised.
“I know the owner very well. And I usually go on expensive business dinners like this. I probably should have told you. But your dress is perfect Victoria. And the owner will not say a thing about it I promise.”
“But I look generic. I promise I can be back out in like 5 minutes if you will wait for me?” she pleaded. I nodded and gestured her back inside. Closing the door after her,
“Oh my god he’s taking me to the Ritz…” she shrieked in the lobby. I didn’t think she expected it to echo like it did because she laughed and grinned widely as she ran through the door.


I gotta get my charm on…

She was excited. This might just turn out great.

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