Chapter 80

The Deed Is Done


No wonder he could get the ladies! Oh my god.

I thought practically running back to my room. It took me nearly every inch of my being to not turn around and just have another repeat of last night. Fuck the damn meeting. I mean if he could I could right? Reschedule… done… fixed. I thought on the elevator down. No. I gotta finish this, I gotta get this finalised. But what have I just done? I’ve just slept with the man I’m going into business with.


And the sex wasn’t just sex, it was nothing like I had ever had before. It was off the chart, out of this world great sex.

How do I tell him no again when I knew I would crave it time and time again?

So many thoughts plagued my mind just looking at myself in the mirror as I prepared for a shower.


I turned the taps on still so confused while I washed the lust off me from last night. I literally smelt like him, like us together. The smell of him just made me crave him more. My hormones were off, my emotions were off … I was uncontrollable and didn’t even know what I was doing. Daphne said to figure out how you feel, not to fuck him. What was going to happen now? Were we going to own the hotel together, fuck together, run this place together? I just didn’t know. My mind was a whirlwind of reminiscing of last night and what the future held.

How was I going to tell him, last night was great … but let’s be friends?

I dressed at lightning speed and stood in the lobby waiting for Sean to come down. I was hoping not to see Daphne right now because my mind was going a thousand miles an hour and I didn’t want to get caught mid sex talk with her when Sean arrived. Just as I turned around I saw him galloping happily down the stairs,
“The car is waiting darling…” he said ushering me by the back towards the door. He didn’t say anything, but I was sure something had to be said in the car. Sean swung the door open again and we both got in. He had a cheeky look on his face before closing the separator from the driver. He leaned in and I let him kiss me for a moment before I gently pushed him back,
“Sean. Last night … was, was…” I paused. I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t about to give him a big head so he knew I wanted it again and again. I didn’t want to let him know anymore than i expressed last night. “But do you think it was a good idea? I mean I don’t have regrets I promise you. But were about to co-own a hotel today and I don’t know how I feel. I mean I have never been in this situation where I’m sleeping with my business partner. I’m just not sure what to think?”


“Don’t think… just do…” he smirked.
“Easy for you to say. But this is not easy for me. Can I just take a step back from this just to work my head around it please?” I asked him.
“Okay, take all the time you need…” he said leaning towards me and kissing my head. It seemed like he was confident, but I just didn’t know where my head was at.

Sean and I were 45 minutes late and he breezed through the office doors like he owned the place. I stood back and kind of felt completely and utterly incompetent amongst all these men. Sean had his lawyers look over court documents that regarded my step mother, and the realtors documents that involved valuation and the contract to sell. I kind of felt like I was shoved into a corner and disregarded. The only thing that made me feel like I still existed was when Sean winked at me and grinned at me from afar. But after seeing him converse with financial planners it seemed to be drawing a close where they began to discuss things with me and my part in the contract.


After more than 3 hours, I was drained. It wasn’t just a matter of signing on the dotted line … it was actually a lot of legal stuff that I was beginning to understand. Sean was actually far smarter than I ever thought he was because he explained a lot of things to me that I didn’t understand. But he didn’t sound patronising while he did it, he just made sure it was thorough and that I knew what I was doing. I did know what I was doing now, it seemed to set in. With all the hand shaking and legal talks it was done. He had my hotel, and I was going to be there running it side by side with him.


After saying goodbye to everyone Sean looked at me,
“So are you happy?”
“Yeah it’s a done deal. I think only positive things from here…” I smiled.
“What do you want to do now?” he asked.
“Sleep I think. I’m absolutely buggered still. I don’t think any amount of coffee will cure this weakness in my body right now.” I smirked.
“Your place or mine?” Sean said wiggling his eyebrows.
“That’s not gonna help a damn thing!” I said smacking his arm, “I told you I just need time to process this. Please Sean don’t make a joke out of this,” I begged.
“Oh okay … I said I would.” He said understanding.

The following day I woke up to a lot of thumping coming from the floor of my room. I immediately got dressed and walked downstairs realising all the noises were coming from the old dining area. Sean had men ripping out an old kitchen and the front of the hotel had become a disaster zone. But Sean was out of his suit and even lifting out some of the heavy benches and wood from the dining area. Before this I saw him as a business man with a thousand little lackeys that did his work for him. But he worked with contractors literally doing the heavy lifting.
“Are you trying to save money?” I giggled.
“Nope just helping the guys. I feel like being productive today…” he smirked hauling a large metal fan over his shoulder.


It was beautiful actually he was very attractive this morning looking all sweaty and muscly. It wasn’t til I saw him bending down and loading things over his shoulder three or four times that I realised I was unnecessarily staring.
“So CEO turns construction worker overnight. I would have never seen this coming, you are beginning to impress me…” He blushed first before shaking his behind as he left the dining room knowing I was watching.
“You inspired me actually…” he said walking back in.
“Me? When?” I asked.
“It was a while ago actually. I watched you be a real manager. You kind of had your hand in everything. And I realised I had emails and phone calls to let me know where my hands were at the Hyatt… I figured it was time to get my hands in there and be like you…”
“Your just being cheeky now to get me back into bed…”
“Maybe? Is it workin?” he smirked as he wiped sweat off his brow.
“Not at all…” I grinned.


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