Chapter 87



I got straight to work the following day. I met up with Beth and my body guard and we went into London to speak with the people Sean had been meeting with. It was a little enlightening to understand and realise the process Sean was going through and why he had gotten so busy before the accident. On the way back from the hospital, Beth and I were driving home with my guard,
“He seems pretty keen on starting this all up without him…” I said.
“I know. I mean it’s his baby right…” Beth said. I glared at her for a moment.
“His baby?”
“Oh shit. And your baby…”
“Who told you?” I said surprised.
“Who told me what? I’m talking about the hotel. What are talking about?” she asked.
“Nothing… I just misunderstood. But yeah this IS his baby. I wanted him to be there opening night,” I said nervously.
“Victoria. You can’t just side step that. Are you pregnant?” she said smiling. I felt myself going red knowing I let it slip by accident.


“Yes. But don’t tell Sean. It’s not the time right now… I will tell him when things settle down and I can get a proper reaction and a proper talk.”
“Oh my god. Oh my god! You’re having a little Hyatt!” she said freaking out. I couldn’t help but smile at her because she seemed like a excited family member.
“Its been such a roller coaster of emotions, and I am keeping the baby… but I don’t know nothing about babies. I’m not sure how to feel or how happy I should be with Sean not well yet. I mean I was trying to keep it under wraps. But now you AND Abby know…” I said shaking my head.
“My lips are sealed but Sean is gonna be so happy. You should see him with Abby’s kids. He is like a natural born daddy and doesn’t even know it …”
“Really?” I said feeling emotional. “Oh fuck I’m bloody crying again. These pregnancy emotions are killing me. And through all this shit that’s going on… I can barely keep it together. I was crying to an advert on tv last night about baby shampoo or something. The mother was holding the baby and the baby was touching her face … I and I just lost it,” I said crying unnecessarily.


“If you’re not good with babies, you and Sean will do it together. And it won’t seem so hard. And I heard that Aisha and Everly are coming over with their grandfather… so you will get to see what he’s like them girls. It will melt your bloody heart. I mean bloody hell woman… my ovaries ache when I see a man being all lovely with kids…” Beth laughed.
“Oh god, maybe I should tell him before then. I’ll be a blubbering mess otherwise…” I chuckled with her.

When I returned to the hotel, I put Beth straight to work on employing a head hunter to find a top notch chef to work temporarily at Major hotels restaurant until Sean was fully rehabilitated. I thought that 3 months would be a good start for a head chef. Sean happily handed over his credit cards to me to handle and trusted me to do what I needed to do in order for things to run smoothly for us. I felt that excitement again, even though I knew I shouldn’t. But deep down I knew Sean would want this for all of us.

The following few days I woke up bodily ill. Vomiting for what seemed hours. Trying to get anything done, seemed impossible.


I was becoming just as useless to do anything as much as Sean was. I was making phone calls between bathroom sessions and Beth had a chef coming in to cook several dishes for us to taste test for him to create a menu. This was supposed to be exciting but I could barely keep anything down in the mornings til mid-afternoon. And then by evening I wanted to eat everything possible. Yesterday I ate so much and I over filled and was ill anyway. Whatever this morning sickness was, I hoped it would kindly piss off.

By the time the chef came in my stomach had settled and I introduced myself and took a picture of him and his food so I could show Sean.


As he served plates up, Abby’s husband Justin grabbed the plates off the pass and he followed closely behind him,
“Oh yum that looks awesome…” Abby announced.
“Your pregnant… everything is awesome,” Justin said.
“I hope you know your feeding a bunch of pregnant ladies here today,” Abby said.
“That means only my vote and Beth’s count actually counts,” Justin said putting the plates down.
“What dish is this…?” I asked politely
“Poached lobster tail with cauliflower and butter sauce…” he nodded. Abby practically inhaled her food and plonked her fork down,
“Ok you might want to hire this guy. If you don’t I will…” she laughed. I was poking about my plate delicately trying to stomach it. I ate a little bit of it and it was quite enjoyable but I could feel it swirling in my stomach.


“Very nice, next plate please…” I smiled. I watched him walk away and rolled my eyes, “I feel like being sick,” I said feeling green.
“I know you’re not feeling it right now … do you want us to taste? “Beth asked.
“I’m stronger than this. I will just try to get through this. He has to be top notch, otherwise people are not going to keep coming back for slop.”
“It was a nice little starter. I was quite happy with it. But I can call some more chefs so we have some good comparisons if you want?” she asked.
“Yeah I think I have to explore a few options to make sure I get the best food here…” Abby rubbed her pregnant belly,
“I will be here for all of this… for support…” she said sarcastically.
“It’s all going to your ass! Not your belly…” Justin laughed.


“I can get away with it for maybe a month more… so why not?” she smiled. I liked the way she lightened my mood. It lead me to be able to stomach the rest of the tastings. I took photos of everything and I was actually dying to get to the hospital to show Sean. But I had to at least wait until the nausea went away. I didn’t want him to worry about me.

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