Chapter 89

This Man’s Going Home…

I was determined at physical therapy to get walking. Even if I was walking around with a stick. I was going to get out of this hospital before the restaurants opening night. Either way I was checking out regardless of the pain. My vitals were perfect and my blood work was perfect. I had an MRI only a few days ago that saw everything had returned to normal. It was just my back, legs and upper abdomen that lagged behind.
“Tell me I’m free to go. Tell me I can do this… I will see you still three times a day everyday if I can just go Trish…”
“You’re walking now a lot stronger than last week. And you are able to walk aided with a stick. So yes… I will go and sign your forms…” she said.


“Thank you!” I said relieved. And just in perfect time. Opening night… was tonight. Victoria had been in already today and told me she would call me later during service to tell me how everything was going. But there was no need. Her man was coming home.

After a lot of signing out and trying to keep my release a secret, I decided to call forward to my tailor and get a suit for tonight so I could arrive dressed up to surprise her. I knew it was going to be a task to get dressed alone … so I called Justin in to give me a hand while asking Abby to keep her mouth shut about me coming home.

While at the tailors Justin helped me out of the clothes and passed me some of my clothing while I was seated.
“So I heard about Victoria. Congratulations big daddy…” he said shaking my hand.
“I know it spun my whole world. I still don’t know how to express my happiness other than think about how lucky I am. It’s a beautiful feeling…”
“You’re not getting all gushy are you?” Justin said rolling his eyes.


“Shut up! DO you remember when you found out about the twins? You practically burst into tears every time we talked about you being a dad.”
“Okay, okay…” he said recalling.
“I asked Abz not to bring the girls into hospital, because I didn’t want them to see me hurt. But I can’t wait to see them…” I smiled.
“They’re getting big. It will blow your mind… you gotta hold them tight where they are babies mate because it doesn’t last long…”
“Do you know what you guys are having?” I asked.
“Abby and I both don’t want to know. Since Abby wants this one to be the last one. What about you? Are you going to find out?” he asked.
“I guess I will go with whatever Vic wants to do…” Every time I spoke about the idea of a baby a smile plastered my face, and any physical pain I felt in my body just disappeared. My mental state healed my inside and I knew that I would come out good on the other side when my rehab was done. My plans and hopes for the future were exciting. And this was the night, my first night to start my future with Vic.
“I mean Vic and I we’ve always had that fire, and we literally went from hating each other to being lovers in a week. Then she’s pregnant and she’s been like the best hand to hold in these past weeks. I’m just ready for everything…”
“Even the ring mate? I mean that would be a stretch right? Sean Hyatt ‘the ultimate bachelor’” he said with quoting fingers.


“Yeah even the ring. I mean Jus… remember the night you and Abby just decided to have it all? I was there remember? I want that now. I might have been chasing skirts all these years, but I’ve got her heart… that’s better than anything I’ve ever had.”
“You’re getting real deep. This is so not like you. You’re a different bloke now Sean.”
“I feel different.”
“Love will do that to ya…” he laughed.
“Ugh look at us talking about love and stuff. Who ever thought?”
“Let’s get you to the hotel so we can have a beer. Too much gushy stuff for me. I will congratulate you tonight the way a real man should with that drink…” Justin chuckled.
“You got it…” Justin said passing my pants. I felt like a real crippled when he had to help them up my legs until I could grab them and buckle myself up.
“And were never going to talk about this… like ever…” Justin laughed. I laughed along with him and he threaded my arm through my jacket.


The hotel from the front looked fantastic and she had it all lit and red carpeted like she said she wanted it. Even though the hotel side was still in dire need of a spruce up, the restaurant was going to be a hit. People were dressed fancy and I could see Victoria in a beautiful dress through the window ushering people through.


“Oh look at her in that dress, you can tell she’s actually showing… like just a tiny bit swollen than her usual flat stomach. Oh she’s beautiful…” I said admiring her. Justin came to my side and helped me up and passed me my stick and aided me to the steps.


“Okay mate, I got it. I got it… I want her to see me come through on my own…” Justin stayed slightly behind me and I blended with the guests and Victoria’s face lit up as bright as the moon when she saw me. She covered her face and pulled the most happiest of smiles before she fanned her face trying not to cry.
“Oh my god you made it… I’m so happy right now…”
“I kinda kept it a secret. I needed to be here for this.” Victoria kissed me. She didn’t care whether she was ushering people or not and neither did I. This was a good day for us. I lined up beside her holding her hand and using my other hand to shake hands of quests as they were brought through to the front of house attendant to seat them.
“This is wonderful…” I said when the queue died down. “And you look wonderful…”
“I think this is the last time I’ll be wearing this dress. My ass has got big for some reason… UGH it’s probably Abby filling me up with pregnant lady junk food…” she laughed.
“I saw you from outside. I could see our baby swelling through your dress…”


“Do you think I’m showing?” she asked excitedly.
“Definitely. It’s very beautiful…”
“It’s nice to see you back in a suit…” she said sexily.
“You know I am still a very injured man…” I said cheekily.
“Oh I know. But doesn’t mean I can’t do very … VERY bad things to you later,” she said seductively. I knew I was going to need a minute away from everyone after that. I looked at her seemingly embarrassed turning away from the doors. Victoria giggled and I shook my head at her knowing she was just as cheeky as I was.

It was so good to be home…

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