Chapter 92

Moving On


A month later, Abby, Justin, Baby Sean and the girls returned home to Australia. It was quite an emotional exit for all of us. We had got that used of them being around, it was hard to imagine them not being here with us,
“I swear if our hotel gets big, and stays big all on its own. I would happily move anywhere with you Sean…” Victoria said.
“I do love Australia darling. But for now home is here for us. And don’t worry about Abby, she is an international superstar. We will see her every year. I guarantee. And if we don’t we will take a couple holidays every year to catch up…”
“It’s funny, I just felt how close she was to you, and I felt that closeness with her right away. I don’t know why I felt like that…”
“You’ve changed. You’re not the same. You think different and connect different… maybe as a woman. As a mother…” I shrugged.
“Well I’ve had a good insight to babies. I could have held that little boy forever…”
“You will get to hold our baby soon…” I said looking at her beautiful pregnant belly.
“Not soon enough…” she said entwining her fingers with mine.
“I want you to stay all swelling like this, it’s gorgeous…”
“What? Big and bloody fat? I mean have you seen the size of my ass lately?”



“Have you seen the size of your breasts lately?” I smirked.
“Oh your a perv!” she said slapping me. Just as she slapped me Victoria was taking out a book and checking lunch reservations.
“Lunch is booked again…” she announced, “Ever since that critic came and gave us a fantastic review, the lunch and dinner reservations are booked for nearly a month…”
“I saw that critic quote. How did you like it? I noticed he added a ‘family run’ hotel…”
“Yeah I did notice. I liked it. I smiled. I mean we introduced ourselves and he noticed we were holding hands and I was pregnant. I guess… he assumed…” she trailed off.
“Assumed what exactly?”
“Maybe he assumed we were like married? Or something?” she shrugged.


Victoria and I had officially been together for three months, lovers for five months … and in my head I was still thinking it was too soon. I always saw myself as a traditional man and wanting marriage before children. But only 5 months ago Victoria was ready to run just by asking me on a date. Maybe she had changed, but it would be a mistake to not just enjoy this without the pressure of marriage. I loved Victoria more than anything, but maybe I really wasn’t the marrying kind.

Was I ever actually going to be ready to marry anyone?

After the lunch diners had finished, I got the head chef to whip up something off the menu for Victoria and I to enjoy.
“I have a surprise for you…” I said pulling out a folder from under the chair.


“Oh?” she said mid bite in what seemed like the best fish dish ever. Victoria grabbed a napkin and wiped her mouth and pushed her plate to the side looking at the folder.
“Hmmm what’s this?” she asked mid chew looking at a blue print. It was unfamiliar to her and she shook her head shrugging at me, “It’s a house saying first floor?”
“Turn the page…” I said. She flipped the page and stared it almost knowing what it was but still slightly confused. “Does the second floor look familiar?” I asked.
“OH yeah, this is the hotel. Did the interior guy get back to us?” she said resuming her lunch.
“Turn back to page one again…” Victoria rolled her eyes at me first… and did what I said wondering what she was looking at.


“Hey… is this? Our floor one? Like the rooms behind the office?” she asked. I nodded and she looked closely at the plans once more. “Sean this is a house…”
“Our house. Here… Not a hotel room. A house….” I announced.
“Oh my god. Oh my god it has … a baby room. And a kitchen and bathroom…” she said plonking the fork down and ran over the other side of the table hugging me.


“Are you okay with this?”
“Sean we have been living with each other in a hotel for the last 3 months. Of course I’m okay with this! But a house? I’m actually so excited…” she said joyfully before she covered her mouth and started sobbing. “It’s a house within a hotel…”
“I may not be able to give you the white picket fence honey but…”
“Oh fuck the fence. This is beautiful…” she said excitedly. She pulled away from me and sat at the table again staring at the house plan.
“It’s got everything Sean. It’s got everything a house in the suburbs would have. How did you do this?” she asked.
“Well that interior guy, designed this and he wants up to pick out some colours, cabinetry and tiles. And basically wants to decorate it for us. But I want you to pick everything darling. I want this to be what you dreamt of. I already got my dream… I want this to be yours…”
“I haven’t done one ounce of baby shopping. I’ve been looking forward to it…” I put my hand in my pocket and slid over a credit card,
“Go absolutely nuts darling,” I said placing my hand on hers. Victoria lent on her other fist and just smiled at me shaking her head.
“If I rewound my life a year ago and watched what was happening right now in these last few months … I would have never believed it. I’m so glad you never gave up on me…”

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  1. Sean! Get a grip. You are smitten with this woman, Get. Over. It. Propose to her – yesterday! 🤣🤣🤣🤣. I fear something bad will happen and he’ll risk losing her if he doesn’t.

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