Chapter 93


Everything Seems Perfect…


By the time we moved into our house within a hotel I was hugely plump and only weeks away from giving a birth. The hotel had been running sweetly with all the renovations and new decor, and the place buzzed constantly with ambience from guests and patrons. The time had come to pay back my mother in law which was easily done since the hotel had been making an incredible profit. We still needed a few more years at least to see a big run of hotel profits to see me own my half again. But it had gotten to the stage where that it didn’t mean a thing to us anymore. Major hotels wasn’t about whose it was now. Because it was ours. We had come to share everything over the months. And we felt more in love as months drew closer to the baby being born. We had a chance to see what we were going to have, but I liked Abby’s style of having a surprise too though I was certain I was having a boy. Sean was completely the opposite and thought I was carrying a girl. We discussed and compromised a lot on names, but never could quite agree on a name. But we just had that funny feeling that we would just feel it when the time came.


One afternoon after breakfast I buzzed about the idea of going shopping for the baby. I felt like I had forgotten something and then blamed it on my ‘baby brain’. To be honest I was obsessed with baby clothes, and I was always adding small touches to the nursery that had only been complete for the last week. It still smelt slightly of paint, and it was the most gorgeous thing I had seen. Like something right out of a magazine. In fact our whole new house was like a show home … all secret within these hotel rooms. It felt surreal to actually have the dream within a dream… with a dream man.
“I won’t know what it is til I get to the baby store…. But I’ll be back soon okay?”
“Okay darling. I’ll see you after lunch okay?” Sean said blowing a kiss.
“I love you, I’ll call you when I get into town…”


I went down to the car and got inside Sean’s car knowing exactly where I was going. There was a beautiful boutique in London that had beautiful things that I had to go to.

Trying to find parking close was always the worst when in London. I usually had to park in a parking garage and had to walk about 10 minutes. Which was becoming incredibly hard considering how big my belly was. By the time I reached the boutique, my feet felt swollen and I often took a seat on the bench just inside the store glancing at all the pretty things from afar. As I searched around the store, I knew I had probably clocked up more than $200 pounds on baby things, and I almost felt like I wasn’t done all the time. I knew the little voice in my head from Sean would say “why didn’t you get it?” But it felt like greed. After paying, I was tired again walking back to the car. When i made it back, I sighed relief and lent on the car placing the bag in the back. Without warning I felt a shove behind me and a something cold on my neck.
“Okay, were not going to move… are we?” I shook my head in fear knowing exactly who it was. I could tell by her slippery tone in my ear. I struggled backward with her, “Do you realise how many months I’ve been waiting to see this day come? To finally get that guard and Sean away from your hip? Oh this is a good day…” she said evilly.



“What do you want Samara?” I asked with my teeth gritted.
“For you to get in this car. Right now… c’mon…” she said.
“I need my pregnancy pills… they are in my car…” I said frantically trying to distract her. But the knife lent closer to my neck and she said,
“Don’t think I won’t slit your throat Victoria. Don’t try anything…” she said backing away from me and grabbing my purse and throwing it in her car.


“Now you… in…” I reluctantly got inside the car and gulped down hard. I knew getting my bag and my cell phone in her car was the last ditch I had to get Sean to track it. I had two phones, one for business and one for personal. So if he called and she smashed it, he might think to trace my other one. I was panicked as she started the car.
“What are going to do to me?” I asked crying.
“Wait very patiently, until you give birth of course. So I can get my baby…”
“Your baby?! You’re out of your god damn mind do you know that!!!” I said angrily. She snatched a gun from the dash board and pointed it at me.
“Shut up, just shut up. Just remember I don’t need you to get that baby out!” she threatened. “But with you gone, and me with the baby … Sean will come back to me,” Samara smirked. She was jaded in such a fucked up way, but I feared for my life and the baby’s.


I couldn’t believe this was happening.

Sean and I had got that comfortable in the last 6 months that Samara became the last thing on our minds. After the massive manhunt with no avail, we figured she fled the country. When she obviously laid low for a while before she began following us again. I couldn’t believe we had been so blinded at the idea of her returning. We drove right out of London and even went through St Albans and drove for hours and hours without stopping. The highway showed me that we were past Leeds, and driving further North towards Scotland. But I wasn’t quite sure. It was like I was in a nightmare, like something you would see in a scary movie, or something you read about. Nothing could have ever prepared it happening to me. But after reading my books about pregnancy, I was trying to keep my cool knowing that stress could bring on labour. And at this stage I felt that me being pregnant was the only thing keeping me alive. Samara was eerily quiet for hours, like she had a plan and she was running it in her head.

Why hadn’t Sean called?


We pulled up to what looked like a rundown and abandoned shack in the middle of nowhere near the coast. I could smell the ocean breeze and it was bitterly cold. I checked my arm and saw that more than 4 hours had passed and it was after 2pm. Samara unlocked the shack that was surrounded by trees and took me inside.
“So I read in a mummy magazine that you’re due in a few weeks. I guess it’s a shame Sean will miss the delivery…” she said shoving me toward the back of the shack. The shack was fixed up slightly to be liveable but it was gritty and it stunk. It seemed kind of off the grid and I wondered if that was why Sean hadn’t called.

Maybe my phone had no signal?

Samara pointed to the seat with the gun and i sat down before Samara grabbed my arms and cable tied them hard to the back of the chair.


“You don’t need to do this…” I cried.
“I’ve been waiting for my baby to come…” she smiled. I sobbed and she stopped for a moment hearing my phone ring from my bag. She grabbed it and held it holding her finger over her mouth.
“Oh look its Sean…” she smiled and let it ring out more than 5 times. The phone rang again and finally she swiped across to open it placing it on speaker,
“Vic, baby where are you?”
“I’m sorry, Victoria cannot come to the phone…”
“SAMARA?!” Sean said sounding scared.
“Hi Sean…”
“If you hurt her… I promise you…” And without warning Samara punched me in the face causing me to whimper.


My face burned and I grunted while she continued to speak,
“You can’t promise anything. No one has found me for more than 6 months. So good luck!” she said swiping the phone to hang up. Immediately after she threw my phone on the floor and stomped on it excessively until it was in several pieces.
“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to punch that pretty little face of yours…” she smiled. “But I talked to him for like 15 seconds, no one is going to be able to trace that honey. Looks like your stuck here with me…” she finished.

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