Chapter 94

Trying To Get Away


She was right about being stuck here with her. Hours bled into days, and days bled into weeks. I decided not to speak with her and try and just be calm. She often spoke to herself, and she spoke to me when I asked to be un-tied to go to the bathroom. I wanted to think I could over power her with her gun, but I was that heavily pregnant and I felt weak because I wasn’t getting much more than crackers, sandwiches and water. At night, she tied me up to a bed post and dragged a lounge inside the door and slept right beside me.


Even then she rarely slept. I was sure she was taking something that was keeping her awake. She would startle at any sound outside, or me rattling my hand cuffs on the bed post. No one found Samara in this long, I was starting to have the realisation that I might die in this shack and Samara would take my baby.

How would anyone ever find me?

I needed to get out of the cable ties she left on my hands when she was out of the room. I could shuffle on my chair, but the cupboard was a metre away to even try anything. I continued to spy around the room and I began to notice little things. Things that could help me get away. I noticed a lonely nail sticking outside of one of the cupboards that I could reach. I shifted my chair on the floor boards and prayed she wouldn’t hear me.


I lent against the cupboard and struggled to get my wrists up high enough for me to hook the nail around it. Just as I did Samara stepped into the room. I slowly unhooked it and looked at her as if nothing was wrong.
“So when’s the due date?” Samara asked.
“The 15th…” I replied.
“Ooo like three days away. I’m getting excited I hope you’re ready. I mean if there’s any complications, I don’t really have many tools to save you. Huh… not that I would…” she laughed.
“What do you really want Samara? I mean all charges against you can be dropped just like that and you can go back to your life if that’s that you want…” I begged.
“Oh honey. I’m invincible. They’re never going to catch me…” she said sarcastically.
“Sean is happy don’t you want that for him?” I asked.
“HE WAS HAPPY WITH ME!” she screamed, “Until all you little bitches came into his life and fucked it all up. I’ve been waiting for the baby to come since I told Sean I was pregnant…” she said rubbing her flat stomach. I looked at her confused. She didn’t look at me and she kept rubbing her stomach, “Sean will want to us to be a family…” she whispered. I didn’t really know what to say.


Was she hallucinating?

She began muttering to herself again and tapping her head and shaking.
“What do the voices say?” I said quietly. Samara turned around shocked and glared at me. She dismissed me for a moment and shook her head again exiting the room. It worried me because I knew she was severely mentally unwell. I started to imagine the worse scenarios in my head almost knowing how everything was going to pan out. The baby kicked and I talked to my belly praying that the baby would stay in there because I was beginning to lose all hope. I feared I wouldn’t meet or live to see them grow up. It’s like all my dreams were smashed to pieces because of this woman. We shouldn’t have taken the freedom from her so slightly. Otherwise it never would have happened.
“Just stay in there for mumma… please…” I said looking down at my stomach crying.

I closed my eyes as I felt the baby move again, picturing myself holding my stomach with Sean beside me. I had to have faith that he would find me.


I must have fallen asleep in the chair from pure exhaustion but awoke suddenly to a sharp pain in my pelvis. It was crippling to the point where I grunted in pain. It happened again just as the pain eased from the first,
“Oh god…” I cringed. I panicked and tears came down my cheeks as I felt my heart beating heavily out of my chest. I found myself hyperventilating and my eyes darted around the room wondering where Samara was.

Was I about to go into labour? And how would I keep this from her.

My pelvis felt heavy and my back ached sitting in the chair. I was just uncomfortable and sitting still was hard. I hadn’t had any sharp pains for more than 10 minutes, but I decided to hook my cable tie over the nail again and gently pull at it hoping to weaken it. After a persistent 5 minutes, it broke and I was in shock thinking it wouldn’t happen. I had one chance… but I had to do it quietly. I slid off the chair and grabbed her knife off the table. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do with it, but I slowly backed out of the shack with the knife shaking in my hands.



As soon as I was off the porch, I cradled my stomach and ran as fast as I could. I burst through trees, and shrubs with no idea where I was going. I wanted to scream for help, but I felt if I did she would hear me and come and find me. I stopped against a tree and tried to listen for anything. Because it was dark I couldn’t tell what direction to go. I just wanted to stay in the thick of the trees and off any pathways.

I ran around til it I could see the sky change again. It was obviously very early morning and I had been in the wilderness for hours. I was exhausted, and my legs and feet felt swollen. I was lost. I had a gut feeling that Samara knew I was gone by now and was probably looking for me. But this scrub land seemed never ending, either that or I was circling around. I looked for any change in sounds, but all I could hear was bugs and birds. As a last ditch of hopelessness I screamed,
“HELP!” It felt as though it echoed through the woods. I sat and cried, because I was completely defeated. Every time I got up from the ground, the weight in my legs would nearly drop me to my knees again.


All of sudden I heard a car nearby. I stood up and hid amongst the trees. Once the car sound disappeared I heard it come back again back and forth. And in the distance I could see a faint silhouette of a person. With the last burst of energy that I had, I got up and ran knowing that the car was going to return.
“HELP ME, HELP ME PLEASE!!!” I screamed on the top of my lungs. As I ran toward them I stopped feeling an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach.


It was Samara. She was sprinting towards me and I knew I couldn’t out run her even if I tried. But I had to, even just to hide. As I turned away to run a gunshot burst behind me. I didn’t know if she was shooting at me or in the air, but I was petrified  enough to stop. I stumbled and fell to my knees and she caught up to me,
“Tell me why I shouldn’t just shoot you right now you FUCKING little bitch…” Samara said exasperated. I bawled and shook my head. I felt the pain in my pelvis again and held my stomach.
“Having labour pains are we?” she said pointing the gun at me.
“No I’m just sore,” I said breathlessly.
“You’re going to be fucking sore. And this little stunt is not happening again. Someone’s going to be a mother today. And it’s not going to be you… now move,” Samara growled shoving me in the behind making me fall forward.
“I don’t think I can…”


“A few hours, so get going! Unless you want to give birth out here…” I didn’t want to give birth at all. I prayed I was having fake labour pains or something, because the pain wasn’t getting worse.
“GET UP!” she screamed. I cried hopelessly and struggled to my feet walking back to the shack.

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