Chapter 95

It’s Over

Victoria POV

I saw a car again, going back and forth and Samara was beginning to get really spooked by it making us duck behind trees.
“Don’t even think about calling for that car… because I will shoot you in the fucking head,” she said leaning the gun around the back of my head as a dawdled. The day was getting brighter and I could see two different cars in the distance coming down the same road Samara and I had come down. We were coming up behind the shack and there was 5 or 6 cars out the front of it.
“Look what you have done. I’ve managed to stay off the grid all this time… and the fucking cops are here…” I was relieved but I still didn’t know what she was going to do.
“Just let me go or you’re going to get caught…”
“Shut up…” she whispered pressing the gun in my back. “I have a better idea…” she said pushing me closer to the house.


“I GOT YOUR GIRL!” she yelled holding me around the neck and pointing a gun to my temple. “This way I still get what I want Vic…” she whispered.
“I’m Jeffrey Kirk, I’m with the police… Samara Becke, you’re under arrest. Please drop your weapon!” Suddenly out of one of the cars I saw Sean run towards me,
“Oh… OH my god!” he said dropping down powerless to help me. “Samara… Please…” he pleaded. I cried at the very sight of him and closed my eyes.


“I’m going to walk away from this and you are all going to let me… otherwise your girl here is going to get a bullet in the brain…”
“Samara what do you want? I’ll do anything you want…” Sean begged. Samara pointed the gun at Sean and I screamed in horror,
“No… noooooo…” As she stepped away from me with her fingers pressed on the trigger. I heard a radio in the background and all of a sudden everything seemed to go in slow motion as an officer dived on Sean and I heard a loud ringing.


I saw Samara fall backwards with a gunshot wound to her chest. I darted toward Sean as he scrambled to his feet to hold me. He held me frantically and we both cried against each other’s shoulder.
“Oh Vic…” he said shaking all over, “I was so scared…” he said completely distraught.
“How did you find me?”


“Your cell phones were untraceable honey. In this area. It was just a long long process over traffic cams and chasing them back. We lost them off one highway and we’ve been scouring the area for the last 5 days…” Sean and I both turned to Samara who seemed to be struggling for breath while officers surrounded her calling paramedics over the radio.
“Don’t watch,” he said turning me around. But I almost wanted to see her suffer, like she made me. I wasn’t 100% sure how I was going to get through this, but I knew I would with Sean beside me. I was supposed to be enjoying the last weeks of my pregnancy just enjoying every last kick and Sean rubbing my pregnant belly. We were supposed to love every last moment we had as a couple before there was three of us. But it was taken from me. I continued to stare at her helpless on the ground and silent.


It took a long time to get home. Sean and I talked constantly about my ordeal and every detail to him was as shocking as the next. He felt guilty, and he was upset. Even knowing that Samara was in an ambulance somewhere and under police watch, I still felt unsafe … I didn’t feel right. Something was strange … I felt oddly ill. I figured it was the anxiety and lack of sleep and food so I ignored it sitting on the bed.
“I told the cops you are not up for a statement right now,” Sean said.
“I feel like shit…”
“You have been through a lot darling. I don’t even know how to make this better…” he said with his lip quivering.
“I’m home now… please keep it together. For me…”
“Your right, your right…” he said touching my face. “How about I get the chef to bring us some food and I will draw you a bath.” He offered. It actually sounded fantastic.
“Would you? I haven’t had one in a week…” I announced.
“Of course,” he said giving me a glass of water. I took a refreshing sip and I automatically felt relief drinking the entire contents. I put the glass down and walked into the bathroom watching Sean sprinkle in bath salts. He helped me undress and held my hand to aide me into the water while I sat down.


“You’re totally right. This is exactly what I needed,” I said feeling relaxed.
“I’m sorry all this happened Vic. Samara was my bad choice way back when. She’s remained a pain in my ass for far too long. You should have never endured that…”
“You could have never anticipated that either. And we can’t undo it…”
“Would you agree to talk with someone about what happened? I don’t want to see you suffer in any way. I hope that you can find some solace in knowing she’s not going to hurt you now…”
“This is the second time for me now Sean. I got over it the first time. I’ll do it again knowing she’s actually caught now…” I announced.
“I’m here if you want to talk darling…”
“I know. I know…” After talking casually about the baby for about 20 minutes the water began to cool and I got Sean to help me out. Sean stretched out a towel for me and I wrapped it around myself. I dried myself all over and dried my legs several times still feeling wet.
“God I just cannot get dry…” I said smiling as I went to dry my legs again… Sean glanced at my leg again as I pulled the towel around.
“Darling, you’re trickling… I don’t think that’s water…” he said pointing a few lines of fluid coming down my leg.


“Oh my god? Is it time…?” I said feeling scared and excited at the same time. And when a larger gush of water came from me … Sean looked at me again,
“Yeah I think it’s definitely time…”

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