Chapter – Prologue

A Window To My Past.

It had been 7 years working for the most successful woman I ever came across. Abby Greene. I made myself a very successful living working for her as the manager of her affairs as an A-list celebrity, musician and actress. Not only she was successful but she was beautiful. Our working relationship stumbled between, business, sexual, friendship … and soul-mates in a sense. I was there for her and she was there for me. And being at her side and jet-setting for the last 6 years with her … she had nearly became my home and I forgot about everything else that mattered.

window past

Abby and I never entered into a relationship, because we provided each other with the love and care we needed. Relationships with other women were momentary, places I lived were temporary … and that was my life.

Until this year.

When I got the most heart breaking call of my life. It was my dad … unexpectedly he died and it left me broken just like my heart. I felt like I was never going to be the same again. All the years of jet setting and being away from the most important people filled me with regret now that he was gone. I never felt so selfish about living my life … until I realised how much I hadn’t been in his.

Seemingly perfect one day … then no warning, he was just gone.

window past3

My mother and I buried him back in the UK where we were all born. In fact I lived there right up until I was 19 when dad transferred his hotel business over to Australia. My Dad had three hotels over in the UK and three also in Australia. It was his legacy … and I was his only heir.

I stepped right up into his place and let the hotel business consume me because I couldn’t stand the idea of my dad’s legacy going down the drain. It was important to him and I wanted him to be proud of me. Ultimately I knew this is where I belonged.

My mother hired many people and I decided to take a heart breaking step away from my life in Australia and go to the UK with my mother because I knew how much she needed me … it was up to me to keep the business there afloat. My mother promised things would calm down eventually for me to return to Australia… but I knew that I would never be able to return as Abby’s Manager again. I had the best 6 years doing that, but I knew I would feel more successful as a man to work in the industry I was born into.

Being back in London always felt like a fairy tale because every time I came home I often thought about Pammie. Our romance started when Pammie and I had met in high school at one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the UK. Everyone seemed to be a stuck up snob in that school. It wasn’t about how smart you were or what dreams you had … it was about who your parents were. You weren’t even looked at unless your parents had a 6 figure salary. Being the only child I was … I never actually thought I would go to any kind of boarding school, but it made it easy for my parents to live freer lives to run their business smoothly without having me tag along with them.

window past2

I was definitely number one rule breaker and always really popular … and there was Pammie a quiet young girl who amused me more than others because she wasn’t interested in me. Little did I know she had the biggest crush on me, but was too shy to ever admit it. I had her help me with my French homework in the library one evening and from there … I charmed her all the way into the broom closet and we both made love for the first time. Everyone would have actually guessed I was not a virgin back then … and even Pammie wouldn’t have guessed. After the incident we were both caught coming from the storage area and were sent to the head mistress who expelled the both of us. At the time my father offered the school a settlement for me to stay, but Pammie was transferred to another all girl’s boarding school across the country.

From there we met again about 6 years ago on a whirlwind romance that was bliss for 3 weeks. Until work caught up with me and life caught up with her and we went back to being strangers. I kind of kicked myself for that because things felt right with her. I tried to contact her when I was in town on a tour with Abby about 4 years ago but the number I had was disconnected. I even went to look her up and she was no longer listed as the Pammie I knew. I gathered that she was perhaps married with kids now. It always remained a mystery…

And I was starting to think I would forever be a bachelor…

13 thoughts on “Chapter – Prologue

      1. I’m in “Mixed Bag”. I knew that you were planning on doing a spin-off. I didn’t know that the chapters were up until I saw your banner.
        I am excited to see where Sean’s journey takes him. 🙂

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  1. Oh I love the windows images. What fun. Such a great way to start off this journey – connecting past to present. I fell in love with Sean #SimSquish in Fine Lines, though I’m happy with Abby’s ending and choice. Still I’m overjoyed we’re getting a spinoff. 😀

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  2. Hey Jo Jo! I’m finally making it over here lol. I’m an inconsistent reader, but I do plan to get caught up on this. Sean has a lot going on! Conflicted too. I’m looking forward to seeing what he gets into.

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  3. Finally finished the first story now onto the next. I’m glad you choose Sean as I really loved him in the first one and I’m happy to see his story continue.


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