The Happy Ever After – Epilogue

Some Time Later…

Well to keep you guys all caught up… after the wedding, I guess you can say Vic and I became a baby making machine. Because along came our daughter Remy. And then a set of twins Wynter and Wilder. We had 4 kids within a 7 year period. I always thought we might have had 3 kids, so it was a surprise when the twins came.

With all the kids, Victoria threw herself into parenting and I was happy to stay busy in the hotel. I was only a shout out away if she needed me. And it kinda reminded me of myself when I saw the little ones in the hotel like a remembered when I was a kid.

After 8 long years Major hotels levelled out and became quite successful on its own, but that house we made within the hotel was becoming cramped for a family of five. The girls were cooped up together and the twins were squeezed in too. As much as we loved the hotel, Victoria and I decided it was time to move. What surprised me even more … was that she decided that she did not want to live in London any more. After much discussion, and seeing her hotel become a success … she wanted a big change and wanted to throw herself completely into life with the kids and me. Victoria was always hard headed about the hotel, but was willing to just let the reigns go completely.

She had joked every time we went on vacation with the kids to Australia that we just stay there. After 8 years, she meant it. She wanted to go … and so did I. “Do you think we can pack up soon?” Victoria asked. “Why’s that?” I replied. “Because I won’t be able to fly in about 3 months…” she replied confused. “Were pregnant again…” she smiled. 

5 bloody kids! 

We were packed up within 2 months, we handed the hotel over to one of my trusted colleagues and I was due to start again as CEO in the Hyatt in Sydney, Australia. I lived in London for the last 10 years, but I was so glad to be back.

Victoria and Abby became closer than ever, so much that they shared a pregnancy at the same time and gave birth to little girls. We had baby Claire and Abby and Justin had baby Gracie. It felt so right here, I slotted into my old position at the Hyatt and we even shifted into the same suburb as Abby and Justin. I knew in some way when I met Abby Greene all those years ago that it would someday be like this. Kinda like we were destined to be in each others lives like soulmates. We were really one massive family together with our kids and partners…

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