I had a super busy week this week. there was a 8 day window this time around. But it was my birthday a few days back, and i have my husbands family and mine to celebrate with … so it did take a few days out of the update period. It was only a little one anyway.

But relevant…

I am going to try and get another one day again today, since my weekend is very free for once. This rarely happens! So i might try and get as much posing as possible done.

Here it is

Longest Cliffhanger ever

Sorry to make you wait! But i finished chasing hearts. The text part anyway. Ok i’m a little bit proud of myself here. I totally zoned in and just wrote like near 20 chapters and just finished it. A race tot he finish, but i dont think i left anything out. Now i just got to keep ontop of all the picture chapters, because i know the ending now…

Chapter 83 is waiting… << here

Not long to go…

Chapter 80

Well i think i managed to stun everyone to silence last week, considering no one really had anything to say about the hook up between Sean and Victoria. Which was surprising, i was either waiting for someone to say YEY or NOOOO why!?

Possibly why i left this chapter a little longer hoping someone might have said something. Radio SILENCE hehe. Maybe i went over the top with the NSFW lol

Either way 80 is waiting.