Chapter 77 is up :)

Not much improvement with the back situation, but i’m still plugging along with the updates. I tend to be loading up on the pain meds, and sit and stand quite frequently take a picture, stand and walk up and down the house then sit, and do another one and another til its done. I’m determined!

Chapter 77ย 

Trying hard. Love Jojo xx

Sorry Guys!

I’m not late, but just on time for the week update.


I have had a very trying week ๐Ÿ˜ฆ SO my sciatica is back. For those who don’t what that is, it’s a basically a pinched nerve in your spine that usually radiates down the left leg. On Saturday it all started and this was the same thing that saw me take a 1 year hiatus from chasing hearts. I want to assure you this is not happening again. I promise. I have been a lot smarter this time, with my stretches and seeing a good back doctor straight away.

Some days or updates, may be a little flat (picture wise) because my back is quite sore and sitting down for too long causes me much pain for me to make poses. So i apologise in advance for some seemingly rushed photos and chapters. I have to rely a lot on others poses to help me to get what I need done.

Hugs xxx