Chapter 18


God I wish I had somewhere to be.

But the last thing I needed was Samara crying leaving the Hyatt and having people take photographs of her and her making up some garbage to the press. I already had 10 strikes against my name, and I sure as hell didn’t need any more. I grabbed the chilled bottle of wine from the fridge and grabbed two glasses from the cupboard.


“I haven’t seen you in nearly a week Sean. I have missed you…”
“I’m just working love, I barely get a minute,” I needed to express my lack of time to her, even though I had more than I was about to let on.
“I have left messages every day, and you don’t answer your personal phone any more. You did when we first started hooking up…” she said in a disappointed tone.

And there was a reason for that. She was piece of ass. And I thought she would just stay away. Most celebrities did.

“I know, but I’ve had so many issues with work, constant meetings and I’m in a really difficult position right now with other board members,” I said actually telling her the truth. As I said that, I couldn’t help but drink my wine quickly and pouring another one. To anyone else my stress would be obvious, but Samara watched my drink fill again and she looked up at me smiling.
“You can tell me. You can make me understand…” I wanted her to understand, but she almost seemed too young to even be able to grasp my problems.


I never kept Samara here to talk about anything … definitely not my problems, emotions, or feelings. There were two things that I cured myself with when I felt like shit or when I felt inadequate about myself. One I was already drinking, and the other was becoming very tempting … especially when she leant over the bar to grab a second drink.
“Okay, I own The Hyatt but I have a team of general advisor’s that take this place the the next level with me. But I feel under pressure all the time because it’s not a great feeling when you don’t have the respect of its board of members. I am pulling my weight here and everything has been running smoothly because the Hyatt has maintained a good reputation with or without my father. They just don’t think I’m old enough or they just think that I’m an incompetent moron. I need to broaden my shoulders at the table and really do something to prove that I can run the show…” I got that caught up with my own words, I forgot that it was Samara that I was talking to. I thought about this all too often, but sometimes I felt like a rebel to myself and always did the wrong thing to just please myself and not maintain the power of the director’s chair.
“What do you think might get that attention you need?” she asked while I was in mid thought.
“Well. My fathers will has been finalised by his lawyers and I will have a sit down with them this week. The Hyatt has enough finance to expand … but I want this to be something I do. I was actually considering another hotel…”

I knew this is what dad would have wanted. He would have wanted to see me do this. 

I stared at Samara for a moment realising how lonely I was. Except her face wasn’t the face I wanted to really see. I was literally keeping her here for no real reason. I bowed my head and looked away from her feeling really low.


Emotions came for a moment, but so did my 3rd, 4th and 5th drink of wine straight from the bottle.

I gulped down hard thinking about the hotel and knowing what I wanted to do with it, but sometimes I felt a little unsure how follow through. All I ever wanted to do was make my father proud. I felt unable to live my own life and always felt restrained in everything I did.
“Your already powerful, you could really dominate …” Samara added.
“I don’t want to dominate because I don’t desire power. I just want respect. Some of these members have been on the board since I was a child. They don’t see me as a boss yet. They see me as a preschooler…” Samara was a little oblivious to what I was really saying and I wasn’t 100% sure if she was even listening to me as I poured another glass of wine before throwing the bottle in the bin. I had such a nice day, I hadn’t even planned on drinking until Samara came. And the pressures of work got to me instantly and thoughts of dad sent me through a spiral where I even found myself feel a little more than tipsy and Samara was becoming even more appealing by the second.
“You’re giving me that look…” she said sipping her drink. She placed her drink down and I jumped off the counter grabbing her drink from her and drinking from her glass,
“What look is that?” I said smiling over the rim.
“You know exactly what look I mean!” she said cocking an eyebrow. I tipped the rest of the wine into my mouth and poked a finger at her over coat pulling one side of it open before pulling her close and opening the other side revealing her naked body.


“You had a plan didn’t you?” I growled against her neck. I picked her up and placed her on the bench and opened her thighs while she watched me take my pants down. I forced my body against hers and all reservations went out the window the moment I heard her gasp against my ear. She could be nearly anyone right now and I wouldn’t care.


It was dangerous to do this … because it would start shit with Samara all over again.

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      1. i posted another blog post, just now actually … have a listen to try and understand sean about his grief, loneliness, and struggle. 🙂 in fine lines … no one seen sean the way he was. he was happy then and we seen him being strong for her all the time. now that he is weak … hes different an not the same person.

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