Chapter 03

That Was A Good Meeting


I sighed out a heavily and looked over my shoulder before getting out of bed for the second time today. I walked over to my shelf and grabbed a water bottle and took a massive gulp out of it as I thought about the board meeting. I often thought I was in over my head. I had worked in the hotels since I was 19, but never this high in management.


My dad had founded Hyatt hotels originally as a bed and breakfast that continued onto several different locations across England. He did this in his 30’s that made him enough money to buy this hotel that I lived in today. He sold his other cottages and placed all his money into a second hotel and it expanded into Australia in several locations and then moved a few into Europe. I was 29 and possibly the youngest of all the board members in any city.

What was i supposed to achieve in my 30’s?

“Oh my god…” I heard having my thoughts interrupted. “That was so good Sean…” the woman from the board room said. I didn’t actually know her name … yet. I wasn’t sure if I should feel bad about it either. All I knew was that she was some kind of assistant to one of the other members who could did not make it in today. That’s why I had not seen her before. I didn’t know how to reply to her compliment either, I was actually hoping she would just leave.
“Do you have any more business or meetings today?” I said casually.
“No actually, I don’t. I’m all yours!” I smiled and nodded unamused.
“Well I have another meeting to go to in about 20 minutes so I actually have to go…” I lied. I had a few small things to do, but nothing urgent. But I hoped it would be enough for her to get her clothes on and shoo her out of my room.
“I get it, it’s okay. You have a girlfriend. I do know about her…” she admitted. I knew exactly who she was talking about. I had literally hooked up with Samara Becke about 3 weeks ago and I was beginning to regret it. She was a German supermodel, very young, very popular and very immature. She had lead the press to believe that she and I were dating and in some kind of serious relationship. I had tried so many times to sling her off or make her mad with me … but she was a real stalker case. There was no nice way of dumping this woman I was not even in a relationship with.
“Yeah … please just keep this between us,” I said as I watched her get dressed quite fast.
“Of course…” she smiled coming up to me and attempting to kiss me again.


I kissed her in a weird ‘friend zone’ way and she turned to leave as quickly as we burst in here an hour ago. I reached over for my phone on my side table and called my assistant Beth,
“Hello Mr Hyatt?”
“Darling, could you please get housekeeping up here. And please meet me in the lobby in 10 minutes…” I said hanging up the phone before she got to reply. I slipped my legs into my pants and began to get dressed before Rose knocked on my door and peeped her head in shyly.
“Monsieur Sean? What can I do for you?” She said sweetly. It actually nearly killed me to ask her for fresh sheets… but I kind of gestured towards the bed and smiled. She nodded and left the room momentarily to retrieve some linen to remake my bed.


“Here Rose,” I said holding out 100 pounds. “Take it, your awfully good to me. Thanks love.” She tucked her hair away behind her ear and was nearly waiting for me to shove it at her again and beg her to take it because she was coy about accepting it.
“Merci…” she said taking it before placing it in her pocket.
“I’ll see you tomorrow morning, same time … same place?” I joked. She let out a short and quiet giggle before I winked at her before leaving the room.


Man that girl was so gorgeous and didn’t even know it. Ugh.


15 thoughts on “Chapter 03

  1. Sean is playing a risky game by sleeping or even flirting with women that work for him. The reason that big corporations frown upon fraternization with employees is due to sexual harassment suits, real as well as frivolous . Now I’m not saying he is guilty of that in fact everything seems consensual but that does not mean he can’t end up with a hashtag me too associated with his name. He is playing with fire here and needs to be careful.

    That stalker model worries me.


  2. Ooh he’s a real playboy huh? Well, I feel like playing with women’s hearts is a game of russian roulette, I hope he knows what he’s doing, and then he’s sleeping with people he’s working with too…risky risky!


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