Chapter 74

The Return

I jumped up the steps nearly three at a time just by the off chance that Victoria would follow me. I ran up the next lot of stairs to stare down my short hall way. I saw someone sitting by my door with their head down in a phone. There was a blonde, but I couldn’t make her out from a distance. My heart dropped at first thinking Samara Becke was here. But as I stepped closer I noticed it was Beth. Why was she here? I was over our lobby spat a few months back, and in a way I was a little happy to see her.


I approached her with my hands in my pockets and my eyebrows raised waiting for her to speak,
“Hi,” is all she said. Normally Beth was a fountain of words and cheekiness. I had a feeling she didn’t really know what she was going to say because she was probably unsure how I might react.
“Hi.” I replied back.
“Look before you tell me to bugger off I just want to talk. I kinda hated how things ended at the Hyatt. And I was kind of hoping we could still be friends. Please?” She said apologetically.
“Look I’m over all that. But why are you showing up now? I mean it’s been nearly two months Beth? Did you hear about where I was in the magazines?” I asked.
“No. Your mum found out where you were not long after you left. But she thought you needed time to cool off before returning. So she is kind of leaving you be for now…”
“And what about you?” I asked putting the key in the door still looking at her while I pushed the door open.


“Well,” she started coming into the room. She looked around surprised at first before swiping the lounge seat to sit down. “Regardless of how everything ended and you firing me… your mum called me back in to work with her.”
“And?” I said thinking she had more to say.
“And you’re the reason I loved my job Sean. Even though I was hard to deal with at times, you at least made it fun and light. You were the best boss I’ve had. And I’m sorry that I made you feel like you couldn’t trust me. The only real job your mum ever gave me was to make sure you made it to board meetings. But all that aside, you are my friend. And I liked to think that I am yours too,” she said looking up at me. Beth was always understanding and she had been there for me. Not just to do her work, but personally too. I just had no idea where to draw the line with people who screwed me over. Everyone I met seemed to love betraying me or had another agenda.


“Do you realise after all this time here, I suddenly saw who was here for me. I’m having a hard time trusting anyone anymore. I’ve been seeing Pammie though all her drama to have her writing stories, I had you and mum doing whatever you guys were doing. And I’m a month away from the end of my suspension and …. HOW do I know your actually here for me Beth and not to make sure I’m on my best behaviour for when I go back?”
“I guess you don’t. I just hope that maybe you will trust me. I’m not asking for a job Sean. I’m asking to be your friend. I literally came here to ask that… and see if you were okay.” Beth said. I had no reason to not trust her considering she wanted nothing so I decided to be honest about my future to see how she reacted.
“I have no plans to go back to the Hyatt, that place can cope and run without me. I can live a very happy and comfortable life without ever needing it…”
“Not even for all that you promised your father?” she asked.
“Victoria is selling me 78% of this hotel. I think my father would be far more proud if I can turn this around and do the hard work.”
“Oh bitchface finally sold you the hotel!?” Beth said surprised.


“Ha. But no she’s not been horrible like you remember. But I guess all the time here paid off. But I really still want to help her…”
“Oh right your all still madly in love with the fireball aren’t you? What’s been going on? Did you get her in the sack or something?” she asked jiggling her eyebrows.
“No. Heh. As much I’d like her in the sack… still no. She just lost her legal battle and lost all options to proceed. It was only a matter of time. I told her a long time ago, but I guess I had to wait til she was ready to surrender and realise her needs…”
“Well. I’m happy that you are starting a new endeavour. I wish all the very best luck with it Sean. I really do…”
“Well if you want a full time residence and a job being my assistant again for Victoria and I we would love to have you. If you want it…?” I asked.
“Really? Oh….” She said her lower lip frowning. “Oh god. I’m actually really happy right now.” Beth said holding out her arms. I hugged her. I had to. It was actually really nice to hug her. Hug a friend … someone that actually really did give a fuck about me.


“Your first job is to get me out of this fucking bullshit mess I’m in … or give me an opinion or way to un-fuck what I just said,” I said pulling away.
“What happened?” Beth asked sitting down and patting the seat beside her.
“Long story short I had a bit of an argument with Pammie and kind of admitted to Pammie that I was in love with Victoria. And who else is behind the bar stacking shelves?”


“Oh no. Oh shit. Well that kind of went tits up for you then didn’t it?” Beth said shaking her head. “Look you’re going to have to tell me what happened and we can figure something out. Ok?” Beth assured me.
“Thanks, I’m supposed to sign on Monday and I feel like something has to be said. You know?”
“The question is, did you want her to know you love her?”
“I do. But I don’t. I feel like it could complicate this whole situation. She is a difficult woman and she seemed gobsmacked or awkward. I don’t need this with a business partner…” I got up from my chair and paced the room for a moment wondering if the plan might work.
“Maybe you could test the waters? I mean if she ain’t throwing you in a pond, maybe ask her to dinner to discuss hotel stuff and see what happens?”


“I can’t do that. I’m so embarrassed right now… you should have seen me in the bar a minute ago. I was somewhere between an incoherent drunk and a 12 year old…”
“Well introduce me to her as the hotels assistant and I will set up a ‘business meeting’ on Sunday night…”
“Hmmm. Yes that could work. I knew there was a reason you were here…”
“I will always be smarter than you Sean Hyatt,” she laughed.
“HA, you wish. But I can’t face her right now… can I take you to meet her later?”
“As long as you take me to lunch first?” she smirked. “I think we need to talk more about this blow up in bar… and whatever you did to twist the woman’s arm…”
“Ok, lets go quickly.” I said hoping I couldn’t see Victoria on my way out. Or Pammie.

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