Chapter 78


What Does A Stranger Know?

I rushed into the bathroom and two uncontrollable tears came from my eyes. I didn’t know if I was just over emotional from everything that had been happening in the last few weeks, but his sincerity felt so real. I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know how to cope and I didn’t even know how to be gracious or appreciate it. The only thing I ever knew was to push someone away when they got close to me. I was confused. I walked up to the mirror and tried to give myself a pep talk.


“Just take the damn compliment! Say thanks! God Victoria your an idiot…” I was so used of being awful to Sean it was hard to be nice. It was as if I had prepped myself for something sarcastic to say back to him. I had to figure out my feelings for Sean and fast.

Was I feeling anything at all?

All I knew was that he was beating me with his charm. And his heart that I thought was black and cold was actually red, warm blooded and in love with me. I had to call Daph. I went into a stall and sat down on the toilet seat and waited for the phone to ring,
“Major hotels, Daphne speaking…”
“Daph! Daph… I’m freaking out,” I said panicking.
“Oh my god you have barely been gone an hour and you’re freaking out. What happened?” she asked. I heard the bathroom door creak open as if someone entered. I stayed quiet for a moment, but heard high heels on the floor knowing I could talk again.
“Well he told me he loved me again. I mean not directly. But he told me he meant what he said this afternoon.”


“And what’s wrong with that?” she asked.
“Well I knew he loved me Daph, but you should have heard what he said to me. It was… it was… I don’t know. Probably one of the nicest things any man has said to me. I don’t  think anyone has ever been open about how they really feel about me, ever. I don’t even know what to say to that. I’m just so disconnected to even know what to do in this situation…”
“What do you feel? Maybe you got to tell him… instead of stringing him along Vic. I mean if you’re not even feeling anything. You need to say it. Otherwise it’s just not fair…”
“Your right. Of course you’re right… Ok thanks Daph. I just got to figure that out before I leave the bathroom…” I replied.
“Just be honest, take a breath, go splash your face and re apply your makeup and have a bit of a think about it..”
“Thanks hun, talk later okay…” I said before I heard the phone go dead. I opened the door and the woman in the next stall came out the same time as I did.
“Man problems?” she smirked.


“Something like that…” I said rinsing my hands.
“Trust me I think we all have man problems in some way or form… but sorry if I’m forward but you did sound a little frazzled in there. Are you okay?” she asked. “It’s okay, were all girls here…” I sneered at her a moment and I let loose my worries not even thinking.
“Well I’m out to dinner with a guy who has just laid all his cards on the table. In love with me … and everything. But I don’t know what I feel. This man has gone from being an enemy to a bunch of things in the last two months. I’ve seen his bad sides, good sides, soft sides, his rock bottom, his charm… and I’ve been able to even rely on him more than anyone. He’s also been a shoulder for me to cry on. He’s saved me, I guess I’ve saved him too…” I said feeling my venting was working.
“Sounds like something is there…” she said without expression. I patted my neck and cleavage knowing I was sweating. “Do you love him?” she asked.


“No. But I actually care about him. I don’t want to hurt him when I know I feel something. I just haven’t had enough time to digest what that something really is…”
“Well your lucky you have a man that loves you…” she said saddened.
“Awww. That’s not good. What happened to your man?” I asked forwardly.
“Well he ran off with some woman. Cheated on me. And now I guess he’s taking up with another different woman again. You know men. Sometimes you can’t trust them…” she said more serious. Her tone was a little unnerving. “This man sounds like he is saying all the right things to wine and dine you at such a fancy place like this…” she added.


I gathered my phone and gave her a uncomfortable smile. She didn’t know my situation and her obvious men hating comments were interfering with my own revelation about me having some ‘caring’ feelings for Sean.
“Well thanks for the chat…” I said edging towards the door. She stared towards me angrily before smiling,
“Love doesn’t last forever anyway … enjoy it why you can…” she said sternly before raising her eyebrows and grazing by me.


Oh my god what a creepy bitch.

I waited a moment for her to leave before I exited the door. When i came out I watched her exit the Ritz and I walked back to the dining room to see Sean. I slid back into my seat and smiled back at him.
“Thank you for everything you said. It was very sweet. I don’t take compliments well. I was either gonna cry, laugh or be angry. I wasn’t sure what I was going to say or how I felt. So I bailed. It’s all I know how to do Sean when I’m confused. I don’t want to hurt you. But I do appreciate everything you said. I care about your feelings, and I care about our business and this has been beautiful so far. It really has. I just wanted you to know that…”
“Well I will take that. But next time you wanna run. Just get it out. I can take it. I know you don’t have a filter when you want to be angry with me. So just do it next time. You don’t need to run. Okay?” he said reaching over the table to squeeze my hand.
“Okay I promise…”


Over a degustation menu of the most beautiful food I had ever eaten, Sean and I managed to talk business, pick décor for the kitchen, drink a bunch, laugh a lot and enjoy each other’s company. I wish I knew him like this from day one, because I knew I would feel more for him right now. Finally the car arrived and my stomach hurt just to sit. Sean and I joked about how full we both were on the way home to the point where we could barely fit in another drink. When the car pulled up to the hotel it was just before midnight. Sean came over my side and opened my door and pulled me up. I lost balance on the curb and fell into him and I looked up at him.


I could feel him breathing down on me and he swiped a thread of hair from my face. His lips were nearly glistening in the moonlight,
“So Cinderella, I got you home just on time…” he whispered. I opened my lips breathing hard knowing I wanted to kiss him. I didn’t before, but in his embrace right now … I wanted it.


He smeared his finger against my cheek once more before I was completely startled by a loud horn from a white van passing by the hotel at that very moment. It ruined everything. I basically jumped out of his arms and stumbled back.
“I had a great night Sean. I’ll see you tomorrow morning to sign the papers. Maybe we can share a ride?”
“Yeah, yeah. I’ll meet you in the lobby at 8am,” he smiled nervously. What was I doing anyway, this would ruin everything! That horn was a blessing in disguise. I went through the doors and went to my room and sat on my bed breathing out a hard breath before flicking my shoes off. Just as I begun to take my hair out I heard my phone ding in the next room. It was from Sean. The text read, “I really wanted to kiss you.”

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