Chapter 91

A New Baby…

After deciding to go to the same hospital in London that I was in, the paparazzi finally got wind of Abby Greene being in town. Because her trip was abrupt and she had been staying in the hotel in St Albans, reporters had stayed out of the loop. But it was nearly hard for her to get through the ER doors when we all arrived.


After having an initial exam Abby insisted that I still took the girls out to lunch because she was convinced the labour was still going to be hours.

After lunch, I asked Victoria to return to the hospital with the girls while I ran a few errands since we were in London. I promised her I wouldn’t be long and that she shouldn’t worry. I actually had time to dig up the hotel blue prints and call up a well-known London architect and interior designer. Victoria knew a change was coming to the hotel, but she was never going to anticipate this. After our chat this morning about us raising a baby in the hotel, I wanted to give Victoria what she wanted … because deep down, I wanted it too. I passed the blue prints to the architect and he observed the lower floor of the hotel, which was usually reserved for staff. It was my idea to try and change several rooms into a home for the 3 of us.
“My girlfriend and I are expecting a child. And I want to knock out all these walls here…” I said pointing to the plans, and make a three bedroom with a living area and kitchen.


I want this to function like an actually home. Not a hotel. There are two other floors for that. These rooms have not been used for a very long time. They are currently used for storage. If you would like to come down and take a look you’re more than welcome and I will make a couple of calls and let my staff know you’re coming…”
“Yes of course. What kind of time frame would you like the first floor plans?”
“As soon as possible. So I can process the building and tradesman to get the job done. And hopefully when that’s done, my girlfriend and I can choose some interior to fulfil these ideas,” I nodded. I pulled out a cheque book and wrote a cheque for 200,000 pounds to get him started.
“This is very generous Mr Hyatt. I will make this my number one priority…” I held out my hand and shook his, “You will hear from me by the end of the week with your new blue prints.”


“If you do a good job on this, I may have another large job for you involving an entire hotel makeover,” I smiled. He seemed taken aback and looked keen for me to leave just to start immediately.
“Will not let you down sir…” he said formally.
“Good day…” I said leaving his office.

When I arrived back at the hospital I had all the paparazzi in the front of the hospital trying to ask me a bunch of questions about the accident, Samara Becke and Abby. For a guy with a walking stick they were completely relentless and quite pushy. I stopped into the gift shop and bought a giant bunch of flowers and a plush teddy bear and held it under my arm walking slowly to the maternity ward.


I honestly couldn’t wait to sit. I saw Victoria waiting in the visitor’s area with the two girls, and I could see the pair of them talking her ear off. Just as I came through Justin came back and ushered them away to go with him.

“Hey there you are. I honestly thought you got lost!” Victoria said grateful to see me.
“You know how were talking about interior design and giving the hotel a spruce up? Well I took the opportunity to go see that designer to ask what he thought. I gave him the lay out and told him to draw up a few ideas for décor and such…”
“That’s exciting. When are we going to see them?” she asked.
“Well you remember before the accident we were heading to the decorator?”
“Yes,” she said sadly.
“Well this is the guy, I just avoided him coming down and gave him the plans. Just let him do what he needs to do. No more crossing roads for us!” I joked.


“Don’t say that. Do you know when I come to a curb to get in a car, I freak out. But I can understand why you did this. I know you want to keep us safe…” she said pressing her head on my shoulder.
“Are you excited about Major hotels décor changing though? Colour change and some of the furniture replaced?” I asked.
“Everything’s changing, and it’s been good so far. I don’t see how anything could be bad from here,” she smiled at me.
“The change has been good. I’ve been incredibly lucky…”
“I know. You completely dodged a bullet Sean. You literally came back from the dead…”
“Well I must have died and gone to heaven darling because you’re an angel. That’s why I’m lucky.”
“Oh god, I hope you don’t expect me to be THAT charming Sean Hyatt. Because I just don’t have a way with words. But are you trying to make my heart melt?”
“No. I just mean it…” I said being sincere.
“I feel lucky too. I feel lucky in love…”
“See there you go, you can make my heart skip a beat.” She smiled up at me and rested it there.


It had been hours and Victoria and I had come in and out of the Labour ward while Abby was in Labour. She was right, it was long.
“You’re doing fantastic honey…” I said touching her clammy forehead. She wasn’t currently at the pushing stage, but her contractions were awful. And everyone nearby felt helpless when her contraction went from 1 to 10. Victoria looked at me and she looked a little scared.
“This will be you in about 5 months….” She said finally winding down. “But it’s so worth it…” she huffed.
“Well I’m officially traumatised though…” Victoria laughed.
“Do you want to watch the birth?” Abby asked her.
“Errr… hummm,” she said wincing.
“Look after my first birth, you lose all dignity to not give a fuck who is here. So I want you to be here. I want you to see this. C’mon Sean make her do it…” she said looking at me.
“Up to you darling? I’m going to stay up here though,” I said walking up to the top of the bed, “I’m so not watching all the blood and guts going on down there …” I said shuddering as I took Abby’s hand.


“Oh you big girl…” Abby laughed before she cringed and went into another full contraction.
“Who’s watching the kids?” Victoria asked.
“They’re with Dad. They are having dinner with him…” Justin announced. Abby was beginning to get uncomfortable and it seemed as if the contractions were beginning to topple on each other aggressively. Justin pushed the buzzer on the wall and a nurse came in casually. I stood over to the side of the room with Victoria out of the way and behind the curtain while they examined her.
“You’re ready to go Mrs Greene…”
“SEAN! SEAN, get your ass out here and take my other leg!”
“Seems like she’s not joking. You better go do it…” Victoria said nudging me behind the curtain. I stood up behind the curtain and watched a nurse come in and drape a white sheet across the bed. Justin already grabbed a leg and I hooked my arm underneath her and held the other one.



It actually felt a little surreal. This was going to be me soon with Victoria. Just as I stopped thinking, Abby was screaming furiously and pushing hard when Victoria popped her head behind the curtain and stood there looking mortified. After a good 20 minutes of pushing, crying and probably every single swear word in the book the nurse announced,
“Here’s the head, c’mon Abby just a few more big ones…”
“I can’t, I can’t…” she cried to Justin. “I just can’t…” Just as she finished saying that, an instinct came out of nowhere and saw her turning completely beet red before flopping back onto my shoulder,
“Sean… thank you being here…” she gasped to say.
“Who ever thought you’d be having your baby here in London?”
“You know I’m always here okay… No matter where I am…”
“So am I… C’mon give it another push darling…” I whispered. Abby prepped herself for another while Justin kissed her hand and encouraged her. She was defeated. She was wrecked. I looked over at Victoria who was a face full of emotions. She was crying. After a push Abby signed relief and the doctor announced,
“It’s a boy!” Abby hugged Justin immediately and I let her leg down and went over to Victoria and hugged her hard.


“Oh my god that was amazing…” she said muffled into my shoulder. Victoria and I watched over watching Abby and Justin cradle their newborn son. Showering him with a kiss each and adoring gaze. Justin had tears, and I knew this was going to be me too. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep it together knowing the feelings I felt right now.
“What are you going to call him?” Victoria asked.
“I actually never thought. The only name that went through my head in the last few weeks was yours Sean. When I thought I was going to lose you…”
“You can’t name your baby after me, name it after him…” I said pointing to Justin. “I might want to call MY son Sean.” I finished.
“Ugh we are sooooo not calling our baby Sean Hyatt, one Sean Hyatt is enough…” Victoria announced laughing.


“Sean Silverman sounds really nice… regardless of how you pulled through, and being in London right now. It seems fitting for me. I really want to call the baby Sean. You’re my best friend, and you’re his uncle,” Abby said looking at the baby. I looked at Justin who was nodding his head in agreeance.
“It’s true we were talking baby names when you were out man. And it’s the only name we had. Just coz you’re here… doesn’t make it different for us. It just means we get to take this Sean home with us to Australia…”
“Oh fuck…” I said a lonely tear coming.
“Abby and Justin … I’m absolutely honoured.” Victoria squeezed my arm tightly and I stared back at her.

After the baby was weighed and cleaned up baby Sean did the rounds and finally came to me. It had been 6 years since I held a baby this little, I remembered holding Aisha and Everly for the first time when i looked down at baby Sean. Victoria was standing next to me a blubbering mess and Abby poked fun at her before I passed the baby to her.


“Look at him…” she said her lip quivering. “I am so happy I’m pregnant right now. I want one of these…” she said turning her tears into laughter.

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